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16 Pages of student's cash -

"Scalamandre's Luxurious Home Interiors" -October 2004, has a SIXTEEN page spread of the inside of JR's home. Looking at the photographs of JR's beloved English bulldog "Miss Took" on a very lavish chaise by the pool, and the opulent and what I feel is an overdone, somewhat "shop display" cluttered look throughout (and that is not sour grapes - I've lived in a couple very large homes) - it's just overdone. So overdone. The middle road, Judi. The middle road.

While I looked at the pages, I was speechless. One "R" teaching is that 'materiallism' is good - when it's 'created' by oneself. Even with that
belief, this was not "created" by JR. IT was created with the money from those who believed, and were deceived.

Tears began streaming down my face. All of the students who scrape to attend the 'teachings'- if they could see where their money is spent and how, while
they barely eke out a living. Then those who are here in the states illegally just to be in Yelm, 'the safest place on the planet' according to JR's teachings- my heart fell thinking of these people living without water, electricity, or even a roof.

I knew the house was one of several featured in this publication, but I had no idea of the amount of overindulgence at the expense of the students'
hard-earned money. There's more, too, about which I'll do a "report" later.

Oh the poor innocents, if they would only remove those blinders from their eyes and hearts, and go back to those who love them unconditionally and anxiously await their return, asking for no money, but a simple hug.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

Is there a way to scan those photos and post them so that RSE students can see where their money has been going?

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

I've said that JZ made some very big mistakes for someone who has a reputation as a successful businessperson and this is one of them. The display of excess. Her house could have been featured anonymously as in Architecture Digest.

On a personal note,I am an interior designer and I must say that her personal style makes my eyes cross!

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

'''Is there a way to scan those photos and post them so that RSE students can see where their money has been going?''''

Yes. I haven't given out my email here, since I'm sure no one here knows me, but I'll do it now, and you can email me, if you wish. (No, Mike Wright, NOT YOU). There are various ways of posting without violating a copyright. If you sign into Amazon.com and search under books for this book, you can search inside, providing you've purchased from Amazon before. I tried to do that, but my identity shows. There are ways around that!

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I can see a designer's eyes crossing! The fabrics may be top quality, but the hodgepodge of patterns and so many items on tabletops and walls and windows -layers and layers - everyone has their own taste. It's just too much, as though you've walked inside one of her shops and there everything is on display.

Quoting from the book: "Salamandre Luxurious Home Interiors" October, 2004, by Brian D. Coleman with photographs by Dan Mayers; pages 138-153:

entitled: "Sophisticated French Country" Rural Washington State

Excerpt of introduction: "JZ Knight is an American legend and world-renowned spiritual teacher who has been an icon for millions around the world for more than twenty years. A home, JZ declares, is a spiritual realization and should reflect the passions of its owners."
Ahem. What about those living in lean-to's in the woods???? I ask.
Continuing report from book: It states JZ has gradually remodeled an 1100 square foot farmhouse adjoining her stables and turned it into a 20,000 square foot mansion. It further states she combined the best of Scalamandre fabrics with French antiques to create a "romantic retreat for herself and her contstant "stream" of international guests and celebrities."---

my note: So what about her students? To he** with them?

It says JR intends for it be a "cozy place where people walk barefoot and can put up their feet, and she designed it all herself." She also said a "home is a reflection of onself."
my note: Obviously a cluttered mind, she has, imo.
One picture of her foyer has a caption stating "the dramatic two-story foyer is flanked by a sweeping staircase carpeted in Aubusson panels that JR, er Jazeek, found at the Paris flea market on ONE OF HER FREQUENT SHOPPING TRIPS.

More later. Going to search and see if Scalamandre's site has anything visible.

Tear down those curtains and give them to your freezing students who live in the woods!!!!! (If you really cared, Judi)

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

Are there really students living in the WOODS???

The womasn I met is/was(?) with the school for a long time. She worked as a "senior care giver" and lived, it seemed to, in less than ideal conditions just so she could attend events. She had a responsible job with her government(she is from Canada) and gave all of it up to be in Yelm. I feel sorry for the people from other countries who are "stranded" mentally and physically.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

and the sherrif's office knows about them.
INS would have a field day here.
Yes, many are mentally and physically stranded.
Many, who can no longer afford events,
get by with CD's of "R"
and have no health insurance.
and they are aging.
yet, many have no clue.
They still believe in"the 3 degree axis shift", etc
they get "health care" at St. Pete's,
a local hospital with a generous
donating department.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

That is just so sad.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

Create your day... create your reality... Living her words..

Is this proof of C&E?

of course... the students are paying for it... but heck who cares... she gets what she wants.

A sucker is born every day.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -


As the solo Mother drove away with her children in the back seat..
the used car salesman was overheard to say…..
"There's a sucker born every minute".

There are thousands of children born every minute,
All of them beautiful………
within that sacred place of innocence, freedom and love. .
Some will be subjected to abuse and trauma..
growing up with wounded hearts and minds, mistrusting life, cynical of love and fearful of humankind,
Many will overcome their childhood betrayal and blossom into self…..
Become Cult leaders…hiding behind a mask of benevolence while perpetuating the very evil
that hurt them so deeply…


Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

So true David.

It is sad.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

Also, if you look deeper this RSE Feeds off of FEAR.

Fear you will not attain.

Fear of earth changes.

Fear of the govt.

Fear of money.

Fear sells. that post from the guy with his wife wanting to move to Yelm, comes from a place of Fear.

Also, they promote an attitued of being Superior to everyone else on the planet.

So that superiority fees into the human ego, childish stuff like we are better then you.

It is all very sick to say the least.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

I'm not certain if this will work, since it's through the Amazon 'reader' which is an online 'peek' at the inside of a book. Here's one link below. If you are able to get it, click on the right side of the screen where the "page 141" is in blue. Page 141 will come up, along with arrows at the side of the screen. Scroll through the arrows, especially to see the 'great foyer.' Not all of the 16 pages are available THIS way.


We'll just change a "timeline." Oila! Students, see where YOUR manifested cash went. You are in reality "manifesting" for her.

Re: 16 Pages of student's cash -

J.Z. quite obviously has no conscience about what she does.

Yes. Foreigners do live in people's barns, leaking trailers in winter with no toilet, running water etc.
Some of them think it is training to be greater than their bodies.

I knew the sister of one of them and at least the sister, a blue college student, was honest enough to tell her sister that her life had been HELL for years.
She told her to keep her profession in her own country and not to move to Yelm as no one there was "getting it" and more advanced than those who were not present much.

This blue college student had been dedicated and devoted for years. The sister never had the same degree of passion....fortunately for her.

The lives of many dedicated RSE students are actually WORSE than the average life in the normal western world.......poverty, poor health, unenjoyable occupations, not enough money for holidays, premature ageing, lack of adequate medical and dental treatment, rotten living conditions that don't bring joy.

If some of these things were a short experience and there was a TRANSCENDANCE afterwards (meaning the conditions are overcome by supernatural means) then it could be considered as appropriate.

Transcendance was the teaching put forth by Ramtha in the early years.

To have these conditions go on year after year has nothing whatever to do with it and is just outright fraud.