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Julie Ravel aka Judith Ravell - court case

This is a quote from ? (will get back with it) I thought the newspapers mentioned might give a lead on how to obtain more information on this court case. Does anyone know if this woman still "channels" ah, something?

quoted from weblink:

''''Knight was recently [As at the 1998 cover date of this article] in court in Austria over the activities of another channeller there.[Reports collated from Der Standard (Austria) 13 January and 1 March 1995, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) 1 March 1995 and Reuter (Germany) 15 June 1994] This other psychic was one Julie Ravel, originally of Berlin. Ravel, who took the stage name "Judith Ravell" had held many seances and appeared at psychic festivals in Salzburg, and Knight claimed that Ravel's contacts with Ramtha were interfering with her own contacts with the atlantean sage and infringing her copyright and trademarks in her extensive range of Ramtha merchandising.''''

AHA! "Infringing copyright and trademarks (sic) of "Ramtha (TM)" MERCHANDISING. Any further information on this?

Re: Julie Ravel aka Judith Ravell - court case


i live in Germany and there is a book from a girl that wrote about her experiences with a "Ramtha sect". I saw it mentoined by other people on the forum here within the context of RSE, but this is were the confusion starts.

As far as i understand the situation, this girl wrote NOT about RSE, the "real" Ramtha, but of her experience with this very woman, Judith Ravell, and the sect that she lead with others.

Perhaps Mrs. Ravell spend a lot of time searching through esoteric materials on the market and found that "Ramtha" would be a good name for her channel. Or perhaps it was even the "real" Ramtha after he left JZ Knight before she started being possessed by her Demias/Charles demon friends.

I think it was because of this very incident that JZ Knight copyrighted "Ramtha" to prevent any furhter confusions or misuse of the name that could damage her image, because people start to mistake the "real Ramtha" with the Ravell-Ramtha. There is a statement on JZ's site that comments on the copyright issue with something like "she copyrighted Ramtha to keep the teachings pure".

Anyway, JZ Knight sued her because Ravell (mis)used the name/trademark Ramtha™ for her sect/cult/group/whatever and because they abused teenagers people where starting to link their Ramtha with RSE and the "real" Ramtha.

Re: Julie Ravel aka Judith Ravell - court case

I checked the USPTO database and found three trade marks owned by Judith Knight. Most of the concepts, like "create your day", which came up on another thread, are not themselves trade marked...they are listed in the statement of wares and services (I don't have this in front of me, but I think C & E is among these, as well as create your day, and "blue body teachings"...but at the least, she has valid, current trade marks for "Ramtha" in the United States. I don't know about Europe. None in Canada.
I note with interest that the longest standing mark was owned by the "Church I AM" or the "I AM Church"...so, all those who said that before it was a business it was a religion are not mistaken. The basic teachings do not appear to have changed that much.