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magpi... my experience/rse

Posted on behalf of "magpi"



I am an ex student. Been out 7 years. I have had a lot to think about.as have all of you and many others. Wondering what the "truth" is and what the bleep has gone on. Confused and angry and feeling betrayed. Especially those who supported jz for 10-20 years. Feel scammed. It's a HARSH reality. However, in my own healing process I have had to ask myself if I regret it? The answer is NO I do not. Because in the end it has made me a stronger individual. Able to trust and depend on myself.
NO amount of EVIL/fraud or self serving motives from staff can EVER take away from the accomplishments I experienced in the disciplines. My treasures are of ME..not jz or Ram. The slippery slope of rse is that we trusted as beginners what we were told. And, in our innocence we looked to staff and others for guidance. In other words we gave our power away. To people who have no concept of honest/honor or integrity. To THEM it's a GAME..a BUSINESS. At the expense of othes.
Enough damage has been done. DONT let "them" win! You, WE are NOT the fools...THEY are. I have had to go back to that place w/in myself..the innocence I arrived at rse with. That was shattered. Embrace MYSELF and begin to heal.
Brothers and sisters we are--ALL of us..including THEM! And, we cant be like them. We as a voice cant be caught up in our individual anger and pain. WE have to get to the love w/in ourself and speak from LOVE...and expose the deception of rse/jz.
We all have our own "truth". Mine is that there is a RAM. Who has appeared to jz with a message and a plan...that went awry because she has been caught up in the power-celebrity status...and has her own issues and agenda. While it's obvious she has a great business...it's also obvious that it's all it is. WE as ex students have to be careful to not damage other "innocents" w/our words and attitude regardless of how justified. WE are dealing w/people who like US are searching...for truth and the meaning of their life. Do we want to destroy THEIR desire for enlightenment? Or, very CAREFULLY steer them away from the trap we all fell into?
It HURTS as we all are aware of. Very painful.
All I'm saying is we can be as destructive to searchers as was our experience or we can be supportive of growth and help others by sharing our individual accomplishments and moments of MAGIC. Not because of Ram or a scam but from OUR own greatness and awakening. Dont let the con rob you of what you have experienced that you treasure. Each of us carry a wallop and responsibility-we count...in the universe.
Our job is to love ourself. It's the GREATEST example we can set for others looking for the "truth". Time DOES NOT "heal all wounds", LOVE does and it comes from within..it's free(smile) isn't for sale and cant be bought. Precisely why I say that THEY are the fools..not us. Because LOVE is what THEY don't have...and cant buy.
God Bless to all of us in the healing process.
David, feel free to post this. I hope to my god that someone is comforted by it.

Re: magpi... my experience/rse

thank you for your view with your post.
I agree with about 95% of it, and the differences with people is that the differences make the world go around.

"We all have our own "truth". Mine is that there is a RAM."

It was my experience, especially through
exit programming by a professional , that this DEFEINTELY is NOT my experience.
Exit counseling, also termed strategic intervention therapy, cult intervention or thought reform consultation is an intervention designed to persuade an individual to leave a group perceived to be a cult. It is distinguished from deprogramming by the fact that it's a voluntary procedure, that the follower is treated with respect, can leave any time, and that the decision to stay with the group or leave it is wholly up to the follower and will be accepted as it is by the exit counselor.

Generally, the person is presented with information about the group in question or other groups, including especially information which is usually not available to followers, testimonies from former members of this or other cults, along with information on the nature of mind control theory. The conviction of the exit-counselor is that once the member is aware of the logical flaws in his belief structure and his allegiance, as well as the emotional factors binding him to the cult, he will not feel comfortable remaining in the organization.


Re: magpi... my experience/rse

" an important study found that during the post cult adjustment period, 95% of former cult members scored high enough on a psychological test to warrant psychiatric diagnosis. Their level of distress was higher than that of the average psychiatric patient."
-Dr. Michael D. Langone

from the book:
Deadly Cults: The Crimes of True Believers

Re: magpi... my experience/rse

Posted on behalf of "magpi"


Date: 10/13/2007 6:05:04 AM
To: LARSE@ywave.com
Subject: doc on RSE

Someone has to have the guts to do it. I'm not an "in your face" person. However, it's about
time for a wake up call. It's ironic that students have to sign a confidentiality statement. But, on the other hand RSE exploits students?
I was at the 1998 beginners...it was filmed. I wasn't comfortable. Should've seen the handwriting on the wall? I was also at the 1998 summer event that was for 40 (?) days. Whew, LOTTA wine. I think that's when "two paths" was filmed..not sure. At any rate I got the video and to my shock I was in it! No one ask my permission.
If it was clean I wouldn't have a problem w/it. But, it's all about marketing. That's what I have a problem with. "wine ceremony" my foot. It was a drunken party.
I didn't drink before RSE..not much. My stress was off the chart. And I began depending on wine to get me thru..based on the "truth" teachings. "If one bottle doesn't do it..have another'?
I'm not sorry I went to RSE..or that I left. It's insane. Too crazy for me. Like I said, I never did sit thru a "wine ceremony". I know that "father" was looked up to but I was never able to listen to him "teach". And, DR Joe… I once danced with. No doubt he doesn't remember it cuz he was drunk. Linda Evans let me know she's important by walking up and laying a kiss on the guy I was talking to. I had no idea he was her boy toy. I never understood the nasty attitude of "staff" toward students. Including Audrey. But, as far as her cheating? I can’t see it.
I was also at the first BC event. It was wild! A real challenge. I dropped out because I wasn't ready for it. I was a beginner. Didn't have a chance to digest anything and went straight into BC. Too much for me. Lotta stress...peer pressure. And as I walked the field I realized I was in BC for the wrong reason.
Ironically, in ANY other "school" a "student" has to pass a certain test in order to move to the next class. Not at RSE..all it takes is $. If it's really a school where's the exam and certificate of accomplishment? It's obvious that students are set up for failure. Because it's all about $ to RSE. Beginners, secondary, advanced . Students move up the "ladder" simply by having enough $ to attend events. Quite frankly, I didn't have a clue what "creating my day" is. Had NO idea what I was "supposed" to be doing sitting out on the field and woods.
I understand that $ makes the world go round. But, when someone is dealing with other peoples life. Calling it a "school". They **** well better be teaching something attainable and certified. Point is..it isn’t a school. It's a slippery slope. It's actually a CHURCH! And, that's how JZ avoids any accountability. Students don’t ever advance in their abilities. They simply advance in appearance. By the level of the group they're in. Yea, cuz they had the $ to attend events. I was naive. At the time it made sense. Now I can see the red flags all over the place. Even so the disciplines, doing the woods and the field were an adventure. And the tank...what an experience!
The EVIL of rse is that the priority ISN'T for students to advance in their ability to "create and manifest". but rather the opposite. The objective of RSE is to keep the student coming back. $$$$$ and CONTROL is the way to do it and priority.
I have never seen anything as sad as the LOW self esteem, arrogance and delusion. Inwardly hurting from the treatment they received..disillusioned but continuing to pay their $. And somehow justify lack of results (progress) and the constant flip flopping of RSE.. Ending up broken emotionally and financially. Sad!
I saw plenty and was deeply affected. It's w/me forever. "Advanced" students disillusioned/ANGRY. Pathetically making up stories about their own greatness. That's where the delusion comes in.
Using what's taught at RSE where's the results? Ten year students. What's wrong w/the picture? Students who once were "professionals". Quit their job. Barely survive. Feel AWFUL about it. Blame them self inwardly. Feel like a Failure. And make up stories to make them self look good to others.
I WATCHED it. It confused the heck out of me. No JOY at RSE. What happened to "the greatest of things" light heart?
Well, when you have a channel that whines about her sacrifice....what is that saying to other students? Who were committed and depending on her to do HER part?
Ever hear the RSE is a "family" garbage?
What happened to the early substance of integrity and honesty? The "truth" teachings?
Students are misled to believe that rse is the ONLY way to "enlightenment". That's strange considering I have a friend that's never been to rse. I didn't say anything to her. And yet she knows whats taught at rse...that jz has a patent on?
My friend got it from the Pleiades and Art Bell program. It didn't cost her a dime. Or require that she be abused by staff. LOL
Beyond the beginners event rse is a HELL HOLE.

If you want to open it..go ahead.
We all have been hurt..duped. let's try to help others heal.
In my case i went thru the soulmate experience simultaneously. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. So in that respect I have compassion for jz. It's a rough experience...whew. Anyone that lives to talk about it...is a survivor. I saw the video of Jeff Knight. It's sad.
If you have an opportunity to see the first soulmate video..check it out. Were you at the teaching where "Ram" told students to HATE their family? Scary isn't it? Sound like a "school" to you? I have NO desire to HATE anyone. It's a waste of energy and destructive to the hater.
There's no doubt in my mind that jz has such feelings of victimization that POWER is what she's all about. Sad. Anyone can quote something.."teach" a philosophy. But, how they treat others tells a story.
I know that rse is a dangerous place for trusting, naive souls. That go there for resolve. To learn and to grow. What i DONT understand is how she gets away w/the victim CRAP? Considering there's no such thing as a victim? Words from HER mouth.
The first time I heard her talk...I was turned off. She comes across as innocent..Genuine and sincere but isn't. And, she certainly isn't mature enough to love anything or anyone but herself. People who LOVE dont run guilt on anyone. And, people who have suffered many things don’t usually talk about it or draw attention to it..or them self. Instead, they go about trying to help others and make the world a better place.
I read something about rse taking up a donation for a vets family? It's nothing more than PR.
It's revolting.
How about the time "Ram" flashed students? The breast? And the time he flipped everyone off? Or using the F--- word?
I went there to LEARN. Not expecting the atmosphere to swirl around SEX. What's taught is sexual in nature...and all about victimization...rather than greatness. It isn't entertaining to me to hear about other peoples sex life and relationship problems. What’s the point?
How about the time used the puss--word.
Were you there for "lizard consciousness"? "RAM" was furious that rumors were flying that HE is a lizard after someone read a book. An event was called...HELL was raised. Most of what was said and taught I didn't stick around for. I went at my own pace/comfort zone. Emotionally i wonder how anyone is expected to handle most of the teachings that I’m familiar with. Wretched stuff...ugly. But then humanity is ugly.
Ever hear the "privilege of truth " teaching? HEAVY. Or the Blue City teaching? OH!
However, in all honesty I have to say that I cheated. As a beginner I had access to a LOT of taped teachings from advanced events. I got into those tapes and was not emotionally prepared for the harshness and ugliness.
Were you at the event taught in jzs yard? "Ram" was chewing out students. In reference to jz and bb "they've had it with you" I walked away.
Gentle souls don’t deserve to spend a lot of $ for that atmosphere. I saw a lot of things I didn't understand. Especially the distaste aimed at students. Not only from staff but students against each other. Must have been something from a previous life. LOL It was too ugly and DARK for me to handle. A hell hole.


Re: magpi... my experience/rse

"In my case I went throught the soulmate experience simultaneously."

Howdy Magpi and welcome to enlightenmefree.
Really enjoyed your honest and forthright post about your time at RSE. I remember the same things you describe.

I'm curious about your "soulmate" experience because I also had one while attending RSE. It was 7 years of pure hell and I clearly recall the RSE event when it started. Looking back now I figure it was the "creme de la creme" of mind control and psychological manipulation. Brutal stuff and not for the weak at heart, that's for sure.