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JZ on Facebook

It would seem that JZ's megalomania never stops...

Why not sign up on www.facebook.com and give her a poke or a zombie hug or you could just bluntly tell her what you really think of her

Re: JZ on Facebook

Why would a woman/Christ use the tool of college kids? (sarcasm) Used to be ONLY college students/HS students could get onto facebook. My own kids (college age) wouldn't even let me 'in' to see what it was about.

Maybe JR's SO is getting a bit old for her and she's looking for someone younger...again. In addition, wouldn't a woman/Christ have other things to do?
Since I found this site, I never cease to be amazed, regardless of what I experienced myself!

Re: JZ on Facebook

because someone else made a bogus one up for her on myspace

Re: JZ on Facebook

Hummingbird, email watchamacallit your email so we can get in touch

Re: JZ on Facebook


I didn't save your info when we chatted in the past. I honored privacy and didn't keep your info. Some people really ARE impeccable, LOL.

If you want to send it to me via email, I can email it to LeafInTheWind for you.