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holding your bladder


I have heard that one of the former disciplines, besides the Tahumo was holding the bladder for hours.

How was the experience? Sounds very hard. I understand that very well trained yogis are able to do that...

Re: holding your bladder

I can only add my two cents here, but the bladder is a traebicular (uncertain of the spelling) network. Having to 'go' and holding for hours can severely damage this network by weakening the bladder structure. But of course, it would be 'creating that reality.' It's never anything to do with the school....NOT.

Some people said they wear "Depends" or diapers. Now that could turn into some rash, again of course they created it. In that case, they probably did!

Re: holding your bladder

Thank you G2G.

I´m learning a lot in this site. I don´t post so much, but I´m always reading.

Re: holding your bladder

I would not say "holding the bladder" was exactly a "discipline" per se.
But if one got up in the middle of a
"teaching"(which could last up to 12 hours) or if one left the field during
field work exercise (which could last from 2-12 hours), one was highly chastised
either by the channel or a red guard.
Extreme guilt and fear was excercised
freely on a regular basis.
And don't even THINK about eating or smoking.
One REALLY gets the wrath then!!

Re: holding your bladder

I've heard it said that if students are really focused on the teaching, then they will not be having attention on their body. Therefore, if they don't have attention on their body, they won't need to pee.

Why then, do students need to pee, anyway, when they are ALSO listening to the teachings !? Seems to me that we're so awesome, we can do BOTH ?

Why then, does "Ramtha" need to go stand outside the arena door with staff, and relieve "the body" of its waste and pee outside the door ? Who else has heard this and/or can substantiate it, having "been there" ?

Gotta go ! hahahha

Re: holding your bladder

It just gets better and better. The "great and wonderful R' said to an audience I was in, 'I just turn it (waste) into energy."

Now it's more confusing, for the 'great and wonderful R' also said 'he' is not 'in' JR's body, but is operating it from just behind her head.

How many permutations of Judi's story exist?

Re: holding your bladder

Yes, r also said that while you hold your bladder the urine is sort of 'reabsorbed' thru your body and the longer you hold it the more nutrients can be drawn from your urine (and stools I suppose)... cookoo if you ask me...

Re: holding your bladder

I asked my mother about this last night -- as it happens, she had an appointment with a doctor YESTERDAY about some related problems she had been having.... These problems were not new, it's been an issue on some level for her for probably the past 20 years...But it has gotten worse... She said that she has "never noticed" anyone getting a hard time about leaving to go to the bathroom during teachings and that she "gets up and goes whenever she wants"... and sees other people doing the same... I am wondering why the discrepancy between what she says, and some other comments on this thread??...Thanks.

Re: holding your bladder

I have seen both things: you can go whenever, but it can happen R says that, if you go, you are not allowed to come back to the teaching.

Re: holding your bladder

But, what I meant here also was, a long time student said, they had this that they had to hold the bladder for hours and hours. He´s speaking of events some years ago and they were really hard. Like the 16hours field.

Re: holding your bladder

Being free to go whenever you want to.....does that mean when one is blindfolded and in the tank, they can just remove their blindfold and go to the bathroom, or do they have to "find " their way to the bathroom??? Same for the blindfolded feild work or any other disipline.

Does one have to raise their hand and ask permission to go??

If one does get up to go are they asked where they are going?

DO any bring porta potties so they don't need to go through any drama to go to the bathroom?

As far as I am concerned, when ya gotta go, you gotta go. Whoever or what ever gets in the way o my going is deciding to create an unpleasant reality for themselves....but then again...perhaps that is a lesson they needed to learn...

New age potty training

Re: holding your bladder


Actually, I believe my mother and sister have been discussing taking a porta potty of some sort to the upcoming October BC event -- One thing just keeps going through my mind -- "Aren't these peoples lives hard enough??? Why don't they just stay home and poke their eyes out??"....

My 15 year old son said it perfectly when I told him that "they have blind folded archery at the place grandma wants to move to"...and he said "What's the point?? How does that better your life?"

Re: holding your bladder

Hi Marie,

Isn't that strange since she has said she can come and go as she pleases...

Especially for those in their later years, one would hope there would be some consideration made for them.

Holding ones urine is most definately not a good idea. Besides other things it can lead to uninary tract infections which can then have further consequences.

The elderly have a hard enough time of it just maintaining. I personally feel that it is tantamount to senior abuse besides being cowardly on RSEs part to be marketing to the eldery and those who are not in good health.

Re: holding your bladder

I got the impression the porta potty was / is for camping out??... I hesitate to ask too many questions because you know it puts them on the defensive... I know they have been talking a lot about the "gear" and food they're taking... I know they will be in tents... I guess I assumed the potty was for wherever they are camping out at... not necessarily during the teachings??... If anyone can shed light...

And I agree about the elder abuse issue.. I am so angry with my sister right now for putting my mother through all of this -- she should be at home laying warm and snuggly under a blanket on the couch watching TV, not worrying about what boots she's getting, food she'll be eating and whether or not she can put her tent up by herself and where she'll go to the bathroom!!... ... grrrrrr....

Re: holding your bladder

in the blue college events,
are not allowed to sleep inside the arena
were there is nominal heat. They are required to
use tents (no matter the conditions).
In the "original" blue college days, just a few
years back, we were required to keep our blindfolds
on for up to five days. that meant finding the bathroom (porta potties) with out taking your
blinders off. Many people resorted to little
potty chairs in their tents.
Because such a stink (no pun intended) was made on
EMF prior to the last blue college event,
in regards to the county and sanitation issues,
blinders were not required for any length
of time, just as wine ceremonies are now at
a minimum.
Also, due to the flack from us posters, the "ranch",prior to "r" or jz saying no blinders at the last
blue college event, they listened to teachings
the whole time,
started selling little bags etc for these
hygiene matters. I love how they make money off
of any and everything!! NOT!!
So, of course, all the folkies are preparing for
the worst, but if we keep on posting here,
I do not think they want the county on their backsides
in regards to stringent health issues and legal concerns.

The use of guilt and chastisement is not as severe these
as in the past, earlier "boot camp" years.
And I do think they (the staff) is a bit more yielding
in terms of the older students.
This was not always the case.

If any student is not "weather hardy" and not
"committed to change", then it is stongly suggested
they attend the "primary group", where all the infirmed, children and elderly can attend
(but are made to feel like the 'slacker' group), AND they can attend for half price, most of them.
And then of course, they are labeled for always
being in lack-not good enough.
Either way, it's a trap of the mind and body.

Re: holding your bladder

Tree, thanks for the explanation.

And I had been getting that impression -- that things "weren't as severe" as they were some years ago, on various issues .. But I also agree re "mind body trap".. and is it ever ok to be a "less" abused??

It makes my heart very sad for my mother.

Re: holding your bladder

So that means that you pay 500 bucks for going trough that hardships!!! I don´t think this is very enlightened.

Re: holding your bladder

another one.

Someone told me, they spent a whole event reading Lord of the Rings. So they spent 500 dollars to read a book which might cost 60.

Re: holding your bladder

''''Yes, r also said that while you hold your bladder the urine is sort of 'reabsorbed' thru your body and the longer you hold it the more nutrients can be drawn from your urine (and stools I suppose)... cookoo if you ask me...''''

What?! JR said THAT? Where are the medical people in that school? They should know better than to allow such a thing to go unquestioned. Waste products are eliminated in the urine and stools. Nutrients in urine? The bladder is the "holding vessel" for urine that has already been 'filtered.' When it's full, normal people get the 'urge' to go go go. Reabsorb stools? Stools are already formed while in the large intestine. Why would anyone wish to 'reabsorb' what the body already knows is waste. JR must be full of it....er...****,

From the glossies distributed at events discussing JR's medical 'transformation' it clearly states she had peripheral edema which is an accumulation of fluid resulting in swelling of the legs. Normally a diuretic is given for this. Coffee is a natural diuretic. What does coffee make us do? Pee. Thus is the same for a prescription diuretic. Know what organs detoxify toxins and eliminate medications from the body? The liver and kidneys. If one reabsorbs their urine (this just does not happen!) but assuming one would, one would be reabsorbing toxins.

Disgraceful to put forth this, JR was, for how many out there believe it and practice it? Yogis/lamas in the eastern world can also dramatically reduce their heart rate at will yet I have not heard of buddhists and hindus 'reabsorbing' their bodily waste products.

Doctors in the school, speak up, please. You KNOW better.

Either or
That school is a 'titanic' waiting to happen.

Re: holding your bladder

G2G, I bet many on this site would be interested to read the text from those glossies...

Re: holding your bladder

I'm sure they would be! Let's just say she is treated by a nurse practitioner according to the "glossies" beginning in 2002. There is a list of chronic medical conditions shehe had at the time including nine yrs of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid, six yrs. of elevated triglycerides and hyperlipidemia (in other words, the fatty substances in her blood were elevated which can lead to cardiac problems and hypertension) which she did develop between 2002 and 2004 according to the publicized medical report. Then six years of elevated white blood cells (doesn't differentiate which type of wbc's), and then the six years of peripheral edema (swelling of the legs due to too much fluid usually due to a circulatory or kidney problem - my addition here within the parentheses). While being treated between 2002 and 2004 she also developed allergic rhinitis (an allergy), acid reflux, chronic fatigue syndrome and the aforementioned hypertension(high blood pressure).
--------above - "glossy info"----below ---additional info re 'the illnesses'

(Okay, any med pros out there step in. Elevated trigylcerides and hyperlipidemia (the fatty substances in blood for simplicity's sake) can be controlled by diet and fluctuate!! Was she eating too many fatty substances?) Chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia is an autoimmune response umbrella'd by the National Arthritis Foundation. People go through 'flares' and 'remissions' depending on various factors, including stress, over-work, lack of sleep. It is painful while in a flare. Rest and sleep help and NSAIDs help, but oila, the flare is gone although the time varies from individual to individual. Wbc's will usually be elevated during a fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome flare.) (This info isn't in the glossies). One could also add the fat elevation in the blood and resulting hypertension could be due to the "aging" process in response to life choices and genetics. (Judi had one parent and sibling who experienced heart attacks according to the glossies)

So did she cure herself, or only believe she cured herself? In addition if JR's teaching are 'true' - why did she 'manifest' these illnesses to begin with?

Inquiring minds want to know. Oh, and no mention of emphysema whatsoever. No before and after smoking x-ray results

Re: holding your bladder

GNG, I wasn't in the school by then so I don't understand this:

"From the glossies distributed at events discussing JR's medical 'transformation'"

Did JZ hand out sheets at events with all these details about her medical problems? Why? What was the "transformation" the sheets talked about? Did she supposedly heal herself of all this without medical treatment? If so, did she provide before-and-after evidence to support that? And did she explain why she created this reality of illness in the first place?

Re: holding your bladder

the glossies were maybe a year or two ago.
From information coming from Kathy May FNP, who is also in RSE.
Documented the healing of chronic fatigue
syndrome, and having a reduction in the number of meds she takes.
There was no documentation pubicly given
about her before and after MRI concerning
her emphazema, which started the whole
"neghbor hood walk" "discipline".
I would be interested to see THOSE.

Re: holding your bladder

I'd agree that the bottom line is the "evidence" to substantiate the before and after, is incomplete. If I recall correctly, a man (I believe one that posts on this forum so maybe he'll come forward and identify himself), asked for "before/after", because Mike and/or Greg had said that if anyone wants the data, just ask and it will be given. The man asked on/off, persistently, for about six months and they "evidence" (documentation they claimed they had) was never put forth.

Now, what's up with that ?

Re: holding your bladder

and as far as emphazema and quitting smoking, now
what would the "you can heal your self" look like
with the channel marching around with an oxygen
ah, so the power is more intriguing to continue a charade than living with an addiction.....?
and then let's make it into the latest greatest
"discipline"-the "neighborhood walk".
I have never seen any evidence surrounding her before and after MRI's in the regards of the emphazema.
no amount of botox or face lifts can take away holes
in the lungs.

Re: holding your bladder

those "glossies" at the retreat that we all got was one of my red flags - I asked the person next to me "if she does all the disciplines and has a so called God coming through her body - why would she have all those so called aliments in the first place?????? - we looked at each other in confusion.......

my main question was 'why was she so sick in the first place??' - and then when they said all she said was "i am going to live in a place in my brain where i have never been sick" and poof she was well - plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee

Re: holding your bladder

by the way, the person next to me, my partner at the retreat also left the school a couple of months later - i left the week after coming home

Re: holding your bladder

I thought the glossies were a marketing load of crap. She is not the only one with
High blood pressure, is overweight (due to "ramtha" in the body....yeah, right...),
has too many white blood cells, or the only one with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.
Just change your pills.
Then go out and talk about some "miracle"

Re: holding your bladder

actually a change in diet and exercise will get you well - and that is a fact - when ever i do my lemon cleanse for about a week my eyes sparkle and I feel great......

Re: holding your bladder

Hi marchingon:

Could you tell us about your lemon cleanse? I´d like to know it. Sounds very good.

Re: holding your bladder

This is extremely sick and also a sign for hypocrisy.

"Doctor" Greg said on BTO that you first have to cover your basic needs before you can move on and focus-pocus on something advanced.

And also this freakin' ®amtha™ demon doesn't even remember his own statements. He said there are no mistakes in the school and that no student could fail, because everything is a learning experience. Students are free to go anytime they want and he is not angry with them, bla bla bla...

Forcing such things is not enlightened. RSE becomes more bizarre with each day passing by.

Re: holding your bladder


This sure explains that stench that comes wafting off the stage at events....

Gurus that smell like stale urine and squat in the bushes. This sounds more and more like a Steven King novel the more I read.

I will say this.

At my event, JZ had a big party. No teaching, just a party, and I ended up on the stage while she drunkenly told war stories and ate olives (pits included) by the handful.
Then, right in mid-sentence and mid-sway,....she puked all over me. It was like a scene from that Jack Nicholson movie, the Witches of Eastwick when they make him puke cherry pits. Dozens of olive pits flying across the room. Lovely....

Then, .....the "guru" passes out and is laying there on the stage in her own vomit moaning and puking. The "Red Guard" moves in like Secret Service agents around Jack Ryan. I'm telling them to call a paramedic (while covered in her vomit), and they just lift her nearly comatose body like a limp rag, drag her off the stage, and say, "Don't worry. It's alright, this has happened before and we know what to do."

Good Lord....gurus that puke on you. And for cash money too. It's a Three Ring Circus straight from Hell up there.

Yet, she calls this...."enlightenment"????

Re: holding your bladder

Yes, that is what she does for "enlightenment". I have a friend who went to RSE years back, and at her first event - a wine ceremony - Ramthim-her vomited all over the stage. My friend was sitting in the front row, mortified at the entire experience. She said the foul language and berating students, was appalling. Then, drunk Ramthim-her left, barely able to be mobile, after vomiting and spitting all over the stage.

Yes, not only do they call that enlightenment, you PAY them for the "privelege".

If it weren't so horrible due to the negative impact upon people's lives then they realize they've been conned, it would be laughable.

Tyger - nice to "meet" you. Sorry that JZ conned you from your rightful royalties. Do you want to say what the book(s) was/were that you sold there ?

The level of materialism and entitlement that Ms. Judith has shown over the years continues to astound me.

As the teachings go, one could fairly question if she's ADDICTED to money ?

Re: holding your bladder

Nice to meet you too, what.

The book is out of print and I have serious doubts about re-publishing it in it's current form. I'd do a complete re-write at this point. Although the screenplay is in much more marketable format.

The name of the novel was "The Phoenix Imperative". It could be briefly described as a romping action-packed metaphysical novel. Kind of a Celestine Prophecy meets Hunt For Red October.

It was fun to write.

As near as I can tell several hundred to perhaps over a thousand copies were sold here locally. Mainly that was due to well written reviews by the local newspapers and outlets that had read advance copies. I never received a single dime.

Re: holding your bladder

Tyger wrote, "I never received a single dime."

I've heard similar stories. People who have products or services and the Queen WannaBee moves in, sometimes after sending spies, to take over. There are posts on this forum, going all the way back to FACTNet about such situations. I've also heard stories about people in business being shut out when her QueenSpaceShipped ( to that 23rd universe, please, soon) had her ire provoked.

Bottom line is, in my humble-or-not opinion is, these are all actions aligned with sociopathic behavior.

I trust you've read about narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathic gurus ? Sends a chill up an ex-student's spine.

Re: holding your bladder


I hear you. I've learned about so many people who had similar experiences to mine that it's like taking a number in an ice cream parlor in July. Really ticks a person off though that she continually gets away with it by being surrounded by a bunch of out-and-out criminals and nutjobs (staff).

Re: holding your bladder

Class action or individual lawsuits work wonders.

I found it interesting to learn about a family cited in Peter Ollson's book, The Malignant Pied Piper, who sued and won. Check it out. Chapter four is all about RSE/JZ, Dr. Ollson's patients, and professional opinion about JZ's mental health.

Re: holding your bladder

Thank you and I will do so.

That's enlightening to hear, because when I think about the prospect of sueing her for recompense, there are so many easily-perceived hurdles that I get quickly dismayed and look for other avenues to exact my just and due compensation.

My interest at this point (as far as the school is concerned) is to simply tell the truth about the cult through the direct experiences and words of the students (myself included) themselves. The Internet turns out to be the greatest statistical and practical way to achieve that. AND...it's free. (hehehehehehe.....)

I have sacrificed much for Judith's purposefully and pre-meditated lie. So have thousands of others.

That's not right.

And here on Earth, things that "aren't right", sooner or later become extinct and disappear from relevance. That's just the way she goes down here. And Ms. Knight is NOT EXEMPT from THAT particular Law. God made SURE of that one.

Re: holding your bladder

Tyger said, "I have sacrificed much for Judith's purposefully and pre-meditated lie. So have thousands of others.

That's not right."

Yes - and that is why this website exists. It's primary intent is to offer a forum for support for those of us who haven't had such a place to communicate. Also, to share information of an educational nature about the nature of mind control, cults and the like.

Exactly, what she has done, is not right.