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The Seth Material/interviews

i had never known any videos were made.


Re: The Seth Material/interviews

I recall JZ/"Ramtha" screaming at an event (2005 or 2006,) "SETH IS NOWHERE!"

I thought to myself, "How weird. Why would "Ramtha" have an opinion on Seth? A Master is supposed to practice allowing and "Ramtha" is not allowing Seth. And what is wrong with Seth anyhow? Jane Roberts produced a substantial body of work containing some thought provoking ideas. And how can "Ramtha" criticize Seth when they are both doing the same thing? Jealousy? But "Ramtha" can't be jealous because "he" is a "God" and jealousy is a human emotion."

This thinking process illustrates the rational conscious mind and the thought controlled programmed mind in conflict with each other. The rational conscious mind is pointing out the fallacy of "Ramtha's" statement and the thought controlled mind is insisting that "Ramtha" is right.

Re: The Seth Material/interviews

I was at that event as well.
I thought it quite odd.

Re: The Seth Material/interviews

Seth is nowhere????

What an arrogant cow Ms. Knight has become. The Seth Material is of a quality that speaks for itself.

Again, what an arrogant uneducated cow.

Re: The Seth Material/interviews

I agree, EWO, the mind will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. Ultimately, didn't we end up making a whole lot of excuses for ramtha and 'his' erratic, constantly contradicting behavior? Glad to be done with that!

Re: The Seth Material/interviews

My husband suffered a nervous breakdown eight yesrs ago. His conclusion was, and he laughs, was that "your brain has no vested interest in telling you the truth....."

Re: The Seth Material/interviews

"...your brain has no vested interest in telling you the truth."

No, it really doesn't. And comprehending that is very helpful.

BTW, JZ/"Ramtha" LOVES nervous breakdowns. S/he says, "You should have a nervous breakdown, it means that you are becoming free of your past!"