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joy of sect

This Simpsons episode, 'Joy of Sect' first aired in 1998.

I've used it as a basis to lecture about cults.
Humor us...


Re: joy of sect

Hey Joe,
even so.. we have different points of view, different experiences and different conclusions..

I do like your sense of humor!

Have a great day!

Re: joy of sect

Another oldschool cartoon that deals with cultish behavior is the episode "Schnit-Heads" (take out the c and n ) from "Rocko's Modern Life" where Heffer is persuaded by a cult leader to join a sausage cult. Later he's taken to the secret hideout of the cult and is forbidden to eat anything else than sausage, but one day as he makes himself a pizza he nearly gets lynched by everyone else of the cult. Remembers me of RSE and it's rules that student can't leave the ranch at certain times. Or are forbidden to go to the toilet because it's part of their training. That's just too wacky.

"Rocko: You can't just throw bowling balls at us.
Head of Sausage Cult: Yes we can, it says so right here in our holy book of wieners. "And yay, if others do not believe in the divinity of the wiener, you shall let him go, and not throw bowling balls at him".
Rocko: But that says you shouldn't throw bowling balls at us.
Head of Sausage Cult: It's a matter of interpretation."


Re: joy of sect

What a hoot!....

Re: joy of sect

Well, I do think that episode was hilarious...
Of course, I was raised a Christian, but I also found the Church Lady on SNL funny...
I think the measure of how okay our beliefs are is whether we can laugh about them.
Thinking about a really off colour portion of Jack Black's movie Tenacious D...a Waco-like cult who believe we have to keep our excrement...also very funny!!!!