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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Luckwell Spring and the Luck Well BS3

I'm hoping to find out more about the "Luck Well" stone well which was apparently destroyed in 1900 and was near the top of Luckwell Road. Earlier, it seems to have been a spring feeding a pool on the lower ground, which then ran into a system of drainage ditches.

My information is from the Bristol "Know Your Place" maps, as follows:

Luck Well, located on the northern side of Luckwell Lane, Bedminster. The origin of the well is unknown but adjoining fields were known as Upper and Lower Luckwell as early as 1669 (Burchill 2000), suggesting that the well was already in existence by that date. The well is first recorded by the Ordnance Survey first edition plan, Bristol Sheet LXXV.4.22 surveyed in 1883 which indicates that it lay immediately behind the stone wall on Luckwell Lane. It was then just over two metres square and apparently edged in stone. The well is reported to have been destroyed in 1900 (Jones 1946). The site of the well is now in the middle of the junction of Chessel Street, Luckwell Road and Smyth Road.

My two main wishes would be to find:
1) A depiction or even photograph of the stone well
2) More information about the circumstances of its destruction in 1900

I am grateful for any help or pointers!

Robert Marson
(Secretary, Luckwell Improvement Project)