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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Canadian Passenger Lists FREE on Ancestry

Hi some of my Geneaology friends!

Just listening to CBC today on the way home and a representative from was being interviewed.

There is apparently a free 14 day look on at newly released
Passenger lists 1835 - 1935 relating to Canada, released today, September
16th!!! Viewable and all.

This is a first, so some of you or people you know might be very
interested in this - pass it along. More than 7.2 million names are listed
and you don't have to go through the National Library in Ottawa and know
all the details first (like ship name, ports of arrival, etc.)

Of course, Ancestry will try and hook you with their high fees, but if
anyone needs to check anything out for the next 2 weeks, now is the time.

As you all know it will be a perfect opportunity to check out my own
Grampa's brother, Peter John Mahoney and his travels. I can hardly wait to
tell my Dad whom is in Winnipeg right now with my Mom for medical care.

I'm so excited I haven't even checked it out yet, but will in a few
minutes. Housework can wait.

(Information on this release)

(Ancestry link)

Well, off I go to!

Diane Logan