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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Ralph peacock 1893 to 1973 /hanham to clevedon


any one recall anything about ralph he was the son of mark and sarah .
Ralph peacock was born 24 aug 1893 in mount hill hanham bristol .died 6th sep 1973 in victoria nursing home clevedon.
Ralph in about 1930s 1940s and begining of 1950s was a homeless hurdy gurdy man around bristol areas when he was not doing hury gurdy he was a rag and bone man to get money for his living , ralph also had a false leg which he was take off and throw in the air to amuse kids in the streets (i was told he lost his leg in some boat accident ?)
Now and then ralph would come down central ave hanham with his hurdy gurdy or his rag bone cart I recall seeing ralph about twice when i was about 5 and 6 years old .
one reason for ralph calling to central avenue was because his brother mark and his family lived No 9 and and his sister hannah and her family at No 15.neither of these families could let ralph live with them as both houses were full ,plus it seems ralph liked to be on the road ,
his brother mark and his wife ethel would give ralph a meal and some food and money to help him on his
way ,so too would his sister hannah family in No 15 give him stuff to help him on his way,

around mid 1950s nothing was heard or seen of ralph, family went seaching for him and i was told even the policed where informed about him missing .but no luck .

i have seach the register to see if ralph ever married but nothing found .

ralph died in a nursing home in clevedon the informant on his death certif was mr jennings the owner of the nursing home

any info most welcome

cheers marg