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Re: Siston Court

Hi Siston Court is now privately owned and not open to the public. Siston was designated as a conservation area on 23rd October 1989. The house converted into private apartments, Lodge and Gatehouse, pair of ogee-shaped octagons listed buildings....nearby St Anne's Church is well worth a visit.

Described as 'the jewel in South Gloucestershire's crown' St Anne's Syston is a fascinating medley of styles, outside and inside. There is a stunning Norman doorway with sculpture of the tree of life, a Jacobean pulpit, wall-paintings done by Mrs Rawlins in the 1900s who lived in Siston Court, bullet-marks in the door left by Cromwell's men and an ornate lectern bought by grateful parishioners when the Prince of Wales recovered from influenza.

In the graveyard is an evocative headstone for a woman who had a bad reputation. Father Time and the Devil are depicted, claiming their own. The site is exceptionally peaceful, although within striking distance of Bristol. The Church Hall& kitchen have been recently renovated.

Built: Some Saxon, some Norman and everything since!
Architect: Not known Style of worship: Central
Our Patron: Bishop of Bristol. Siston Village
(Ordnance Survey spells it 'Siston'; the Church spells it 'Syston'!)Syston South Gloucestershire
BS16 9LT Contact: The Revd Canon Paul Denyer
The Vicarage Church Avenue Warmley Bristol BS30 5JJ