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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Where is or was

Water Street, Bristol and does it still exist.

Re: Where is or was

Water Street is/was in Ashton Gate. Cannot see this street on Google Earth so I can only guess it's gone.

There is also a Water Street in East Harptree, Bristol (Bath & North East Somerset). That one is still there.

Re: Where is or was

If you are looking WALTER Street then it still exists. It is/was one of a group of streets off Greenway Bush Lane, Ashton Gate. The other were Mary Street, Peter Street and Leigh Street. I always imagined that someone whose surname was Leigh built the houses and named them after his family.

The old WD & HO Wills factory was on the other side of Greenway Bush Lane.

Google on 'Walter Street Bristol UK' for a map.

Alternatively, there is a Water Lane in Brislington , Bristol

Re: Where is or was

Water Street was a continuation of Rosemary Street. It disappeared when the inner circuit road was built in the 60's and would have been just behind C&A. All now part of Cabot Circus.

Re: Where is or was

Thanks for the reply; The original question specified Ashton Gate.

I've just located Water Street on my pre-war map. Do you think it was somewhere near the footpath at the side of McDonald's? It would have been nice to preserve the original name of Rosemary Street instead of lumping it in with Broadmead.

When looking for 'your' Water Street I noticed that there was a Water Lane just to the north of Temple Church. I think the lane from the bottom of Westbury Hill to Eastfield road (Westbury on Trym) was called Water Lane.