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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Kingswood, Two mile hill road

Two mile hill road kingswood.I wonder if anyone could help with some local knowledge.We recently found out that my sisters house is built on the site of an old pub, called The white lion, on two mile road Kingwood, the pub was still there in th '50's and would love to know if anyone has any info or better still a pic that you can share, many thanks in advance
Debra x

Re: Kingswood, Two mile hill road

WHITE LION Two Mile Hill Road
1883 - 86. Charles Collins / 1893 - 1909. Thomas Edwards / 1914. Samuel Bright / 1917. Samuel Garland
1921 - 53. Graham Garland

Re: Kingswood, Two mile hill road

hello debra

i sent you some details of white lion through the email address you have ,but the email came back seems your email address is not right