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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Button family in Bristol


I wonder if anybody can help. My greatgrandparents were Joseph James Button and Mary Johnson on my grandfathers side and Thomas Walter Cole and Lily Headford on my grandmothers side. The Buttons lived in Bristol all their married life which was from 1881. Joseph died in Bristol general hospital in June 1907 and Mary died at her home in Nottingham street in Oct 1950. They had the following children:-
Florence (b) 1883 (m) George Arthur Franklin Evans in Q4 1903 in Bristol and they had the coal yard near Chatterton Square.
Ellen Elizabeth Button (b) 1885 (m) Frederick Arthur Hoffman (a German Photographer) in Q3 1903 in Bristol.
Robert charles Button (b) 1884
Joseph James Button (b) 1888
Selina Alice Button (b)1890
Mabel Button (b)1893 (m) Frederick William Grogan in Sept 1919.
Maud Mary Button (b)June 1898 (m) Charles S Clark in Dec 1925
George Henry Button (b) April 1900 (m) Lily Sarah Cole in 1936 in Bristol
Jessie May Button (b) circa 1903
Charlie Button (b) circa 1906

They lived at Stanhope Street, Marmaduke Street, Nottingham Street, St Johns Lane, 44 Langton Street, Rowley Place to name but a few.

We are unable to find Rowley Place or Langton Street.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Kim gunning