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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Andy Grai and the Strangers


Does anybody remember a group in the 1960s called Andy Grai and the Strangers?

Did they ever play the Colston Hall?

Re: Andy Grai and the Strangers

Andy Grai and the Strangers played the Colston Hall at least once from my memory and were on the bill of "Those Rocking Groups" Sunday April 28th at 6.30 pm. according to a programme reproduced in an excellent little book bt David Rees. From memory it would have been around 1963/4/5 as top of the bill were Ricky Forde and the Cyclones.
The previous Groups Galore shows had been topped by Johnny Carr and the Cadiilacs.
Also on this bill were Gary Landis and the Rebels,Rod Young and the Raiders,Chet and the Triumphs, Sandra McCann and her Escorts amongst others.You certainly got value for your tickets priced from 4 shillings to 7 shillings!