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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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"Certified Industrial School" Park Row

I've just found someone in my F/Tree that went to the above school in 1880/81 & was emigrated to Canada in the same time period.

Has anyone got any information or know where I can get it on this School? or on what possible ship he would of been put on the Canada?


Re: "Certified Industrial School" Park Row


From Wright's Bristol Directory 1882.

Park Row Certified Industrial School, established April 1859. Certified to receive boys sentenced by magistates under the "Industrial Schools' Act, 1866" Supported by voluntary contributions, with Government and School Board allowences for boys sent under the Act, and contributions enforced from their parents. Number of boys 82. Superintendent, Mr. John Langabeer. School Master, Mr. E. Knight. Matron, Mrs. J. Langabeer. Chairman of the Commitee, Herbert Thomas esq., Ivor House, Redland. Treasurer, Arthur H. Wansey esq., 24 Clare Street. Hon. Secretary, Ed. A. Leonard, 3 Buckingham Villas, Clifton. Outdoor Agent, Mr. Bosenquet, Tenby House, Fraser Street, Windmill Hill, Bedminster.

There was also the Clifton Certified Industrial School in Clifton Wood and the Bristol Girls' Certified Industrial School, Stanhope House, Cotham Road South.