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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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30 acres hanham


does any one recall what was known as the 30 acres in hanham , when back in 1930s the air ship use to go over dropping flour bags , 30 acres is around where hanham high school is now .my uncle recalls it cleary and he wants to know if theres anything about it on any web sites .

cheers marg

Re: 30 acres hanham

Sir Alan Cobham's Flying Circus

The Flying Circus was in a field on California Farm, just off California Road. The planes took off roughly between the Waterworks Cottage and the pathway that leads to what was St Anne's Vicarage, flying towards Sally On The Barn at the top of Court Farm Road. Sir Alan Cobham's Flying Circus, which also performed in a field called 30 acres in Hanham. Where Hanham Abbots school is today.

The year was 1936/7. I remember walking from Victoria Parade in Redfield where we lived to see this spectacle. It was fantastic - the twin-winged planes taking off from this field where Memorial Road is now.

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