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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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The Three Queebs Public Inn, Redcliffe, Bristol

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and plan on using it often!
Some fantastic stuff out there.
I am looking for some information myself which is proving very hard to find, about the Three Queens that used to be in Redcliffe, Bristol. I believe it may have been on Three Queens Lane. I am desperately looking (probably in all the wrong places!) for any information/pictures/memories of this pub as it was owned/run at one stage by my Grandmother. I am not sure exactly when she was there but it may have been around 1950.
It is my Grandmothers 80th birthday in December and I am hoping to find a lovely nostalgic precious gift for her, hopefully a picture of the Three Queens that I can frame. Although ANY other information anyone has would be amazingly helpful too.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!

Re: The Three Queebs Public Inn, Redcliffe, Bristol

THREE QUEENS Thomas Street Redcliffe
1752. Thomas Vesey / 1775. Betty Powell / 1792 - 1800. Thomas Hodge / 1822 - 25. James Stallard
1826. Hugh Brine / 1828 - 32. John Hammans / 1834 - 37. James Stone / 1839 - 42. Thomas Stephens
1843. James Fuller / 1844. Samuel Fuller / 1848 - 49. M. Fuller / 1850. Barnabus Butters
1851. Thomas Flower / 1851. Maria Lott / 1853. Thomas Bennett / 1855 - 63. Robert Middleweek
1865 - 83. Frederick Irwin / 1886 - 87. M. Flower / 1889 - 94. Sarah Ann **** / 1896 - 1921. John King
1925 - 31. John Burnell / 1935 - 38. Laura Lillian Wyatt
Thomas Stephens was also a horse dealer & mule purveyor, the Three Queens was bombed in the war

Re: The Three Queebs Public Inn, Redcliffe, Bristol

I discovered yesterday that it was my Great-Grandmother who ran the pub (LL Wyatt).

Nice to see that she's there on the list! Thanks for this, any ideas where I would be able to find a piccy of the Three Queens? Do they hold things like that at the library?

Thanks again