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This is an easy to use messaging forum for everyone researching their family history or local history. The focus is on the Bristol area. Local Historians and Family Historians have a great deal of knowledge to share. This service is entirely free, with the hope that you and the historian and genealogy community as a whole will benefit from it.

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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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help with a family tree

Hi there, I am looking for anyone who knew or can remember the murder of Christine Letton (maybe a different surname).She was murdered around 76 or 77 in the summer. She left behind a daughter called Maria who was around 2 years old at the time. Christine's body was found in Bristol Docks with rope tied around her wrists and she was only half dressed. As far as I know she went to buy a packet of ciggy's from Stokes Croft area, there is a pub by the arches and she bought her ciggys from there. She was seen to get into or pushed into a black car. She was pronounced missing at first. Then they found her. A greek ship that had docked was not allowed to leave the harbour as they thought her killer maybe on there. I am her second cousin and my aunty and I are trying to do our family tree. Can anyone remember or did anyone now her. I know its a long shot but please if you can it would be a great help. She lived in a flat in Redland. Thanks so much.

Cathryn Henson
Born and bred Bristolian (and gert proud of it too)!!!!