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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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CLIFF PEACOCK / councilor / lord mayor


please has any one any photos or info of cliff peacock he was a kingswood councilor and he was once the lord mayor of kingswood , cliff was born 1921 died 2001 married to jess .

many thanks marg

Re: CLIFF PEACOCK / councilor / lord mayor

Hello Marg,

I remember Cliff Peacock from my days as a Councillor on Kingswood council in the early eighties but more so when we met for a pint in the Midland Spinner. I dont have any photos of him but the Council or local papers may be a good place o start. If I remember correctly it was rumoured that he was a descendant of a member of the `Cock Road robbers` wether this is true I dont know but it certainly made for some colourful times in the pub !