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townsend family

anyone recall tom townsend family in 1901 tom and family lived lydiards farm hanham later moved to church road hanham oppisite christ church .. tom was born in devon in 1859 . 1st married to elizabeth north who died 1875 .later married eva north abt 1901 toms kids from both marries as follows
tom ashley 1884 to 1969 /albert 1888 /harry 1889 to 1908 /edith 1891 / florence 1895 / ethel 1897 / beatrice (dolly )1901 to 1993 / arthur 1903 to 1985 /blanche 1905 to 1991 / hilda (elsie)1910 to 1995 .
blanche married albert long . hilda married harold kinsey .
tom ashley married ada brian in 1910 at christ church .. had children as follows
george 1911 / emiy (em) 1914 / colston 1917 / cliff 1921 / arthur known to all as john 1928 .
they all lived at industrial bulidings hanham .tom ashley a well known figure in hanham and wilsbridge in later years after his wife pasted away he worked for the bull family in wilsbridge

many thanks marg

Re: townsend family


Yes remember Tom Townsend in the late 50s early 60s he worked at Albert Villa for the Bull family at the top of Willsbridge Hill on the Longwell Green border. He was employed as a odd job man who looked after the large property and several horses. The house still stands and is now a Vet's Surgery. My grandfathers house stood opposite the Bull's and even though we have the same surname as Tom he was not related. My grandfather also worked for the Bull family at Willsbridge Mill.

Tom was quite short always wore a waistcoat, cloth cap and gaiters - and was quite bandy legged. He had a best pair of gaiters which he always wore on Sundays.

Re: townsend family

hi paul

thanks for the info on tom . dont know if you can recall me . but it was because thanks to you i met up with my townsend family in australia and we still have daily contact .very grateful to you .

cheers marg