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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Neon 'Golly' Signs on Bristol's City Centre

I would be very interested in any memories about the Robertsons jam factory at Brislington, I worked there for King & Co of Park Row, installing electrical equipment and heavy duty cables some years prior to World War II.

I also erected a large neon sign on Broad Quay for the company which read, "Robertsons Golden Shred Puts The Taste On The Toast".

This featured the "Golliwog" trademark with the golly holding a jar of marmalade to his chest.

A member of the Robertson family lived on Rownham Hill.

The war meant the shut down of all the neon signs which surrounded the centre and they have never been replaced. Regarding these neon 'Golly' signs, alot of them were stored in the carpenters' workshop at the rear of the shops. One day a group of young apprentices decided to pass the time of day by shooting at them with a air pistol' They were never replaced. They would be worth a lot of money now? even the badges are now very collectible.

Now 88 years of age, I can still recall the good old days when the city was ablaze with light.

Frederick Tanner.

Re: Neon 'Golly' Signs on Bristol's City Centre

I remember the Golly but I think my favourite was for Johnny Walker Whisky. The legs swung in a very realistic manner.

Does anyone have pictures of thes advertisments?