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GILBERT AND ST MARY STREET of Ashton Gate and St Francis


Would anyone have any old photographs or information of Gilbert and St Mary Streets in Ashton Gate and St Francis area of Bristol- my ancestors, a Taylor family, according to the census records,they lived there between 1881- 1901.

I believe both streets were within the parish of Ashton Gate and St Francis.
Any information on the above would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Re: GILBERT AND ST MARY STREET of Ashton Gate and St Francis

Gilbert Street and Mary Street were two of a group of small terraced houses off Greenway Bush Lane, Ashton Gate. I see you are asking about St Mary Street but I believe this is wrong despite it being so-named on a pre-war map in my possession. The other streets were/are Lr Sidney Street,Leigh Street, Mary Street, Peter Street and Walter Street.

As I said in an earlier reply to a question about Walter Street; I've always imagined that these houses were built by someone with the surname Leigh who named the other streets after mmembers of his family.

My grandmother live in Peter Street: I was born in her house and lived there for a while during WWII.

The Ashton factory of WD 7 HO Wills was on the east site of Greenway Bush Lane. The postwar St Francis Church is opposite the end of Greenway Bush Lane. There is a picture of the original church, on fire during WWII, on the Flickr website associated with this one.