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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Brecknell Dolman(formerly Mumro) & Rogers

Can anyone give me info on the above company, any history at all please, plus the outlying foundry at Swineford

Re: Brecknell Dolman(formerly Mumro) & Rogers

Swineford - The picnic site has been created on the site of an old iron foundry, which was originally water powered. The watercourse for the foundry can still be seen in its channel in the south-east part of the site.

Re: Brecknell Dolman(formerly Mumro) & Rogers

Brecknell Dolman and Rogers had a factory in Pennywell Road. It was nearer to St Nicholas of Tolentino Church than Lr Ashley Rd.

I believe they made food packaging machinery, e.g wrapping blocks of butter, automatic ticket machines for the London Underground etc.

I believe they were connected, in some way, to Thrissell Engineering, of Thrissell Street (between Stapleton Roadand Easton Road),

Harry Dolman was a director of Bristol City Football Club and I believe the Dolman Stand is still at the City ground.

I believe the second name should be Monro and not Mumro.

Re: Brecknell Dolman(formerly Mumro) & Rogers

My Dad worked there and I can remember as a kid when he had done a two til ten shift going with my mum to get him in our car.

Wandering round the machines at night whilst he turned everything off and then leaving. The smell of the oil and machinery I can still remember it.