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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Hanham Riverside

My family owned latterly owned the house built in 1840 by the quarry operator John Couch. Does anyone know where John Couch's records mentioned in the web pages is archived? I would like to trace some aspects of the property.

Re: Hanham Riverside

You will need to contact local historian David Elliott who lives in Bitton. His family held the licence of the Bowl Bowl Inn for 58 years.

Re: Hanham Riverside

David Elliott holds the records of quarry operator John Couch. David Elliott lives in the village Bitton but we have no contact number.

Re: Hanham Riverside

My relations lived in Riverside and worked in the quarry and on the barges, I wondered if you were able to view the records which David Elliot holds.


Re: Hanham Riverside

David Elliot lives in one of the old almshouses in Church road Bitton (not sure which one?)he will be well known in the village.

Re: Hanham Riverside

you will get david elliott in the local phon book . very helpful chap hes been doing history for years he is sure to have a answere to what you want .

all the best marg