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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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tannery on Feeder Road,Bristol


I wonder if anyone can help i am researching my family tree and have found relatives living at Avonside Tannery Cottages in 1901 i believe that some of theses cottages are still standing as i have been informed there was a tannery just by Marsh Lane,Bristol i wonder if anyone c an confirm this information i have also been told the tannery was called COLE"S

Thanks in advance


Re: tannery on Feeder Road,Bristol

My great-grandparents, William and Mary Ann Ashford worked and lived there, after "emigrating" from Devon, about 1880. My Grandfather was born in the Tannery in 1871.

Can't confirm the name Cole's unfortunately Jo,


Re: tannery on Feeder Road,Bristol


The Avonside Tannery was in Feeder Road and was owned by P & S. Evans & Co.


Re: tannery on Feeder Road,Bristol

Hi Jo,

Did you establish any more info. about Avonside Tannery Cottages? My grandfather was certainly born in one of them.