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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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Tratman & Lowther

More in the way of a question!

I have a dinghy built by Tratman & Lowther, but I don't know what the design is called. Does the company still exist and do you have any contact details?

Re: Tratman & Lowther

I think you will find this company is no longer trading in Bristol

Re: Tratman & Lowther

The form was taken over by C.J. King & Sons who eventually sold out to Ladyline in 1986.

Re: Tratman & Lowther

Tratman & Lowther were ships chandlers with premises on the Centre of Bristol (the Centre is a contraction of the Tramway Centre). There were entrances on Broad Quay and Marsh Street. They later moved from the quayside site to Berkeley Place, Clifton. It was the ground floor of a multi-storey care park. This closed many years ago and is it now a bath shop.

I remember going there to see the dinghy sailed by Sir Peter Scott in the Olympic Games. Sorry but I can't remember which one but it might have been 1948!

Re: Tratman & Lowther

Hi, Ref your Dinghy, take a look at Embassy's were produced by Tratman and Lowther. This could be what yours is.