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Memories of Bristol England Forum
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St Mary's Church ~ Bitton

My wife Sandie and I currently edit the local Parish Magazine in Bitton called Focal Point. We have a little item called Netstuff in which we recommend a website of local interest. We shall include this one in the next addition.

There is also a great new current website for the Village that will take you to the heart of what makes Bitton tick :

One of the items running in the Parish Magazine is the question of the origins of peppered stonework on the north side of St Mary’s Church in Bitton ( The Mother Church of Kingswood Forest) about 8ft high close to the corner of the west entrance. The best opinion is that the damage is due to the antics of 17th century troops i.e. English Civil War or maybe troops from the standoff with the Duke of Monmouth at Keynsham Bridge in 1683. I wonder if any one, anywhere has any certain knowledge that may throw positive light on this mystery ?