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Glen Ballroom

Does anyone remember the Glen Ballroom at Bristol?
I've tried to find info & Pictures of it but no luck so far. We used to go ballroom dancing there back in the 60's.
There was a club attached to it but you had to be 18 to get in, they played rock 'n'Roll their as apposed to the 'Proper' dancing in the ballroom.

Re: Glen Ballroom

There is a book out called 'The Glen and I' which covers the Rock 'n Roll years with photographs. I can pass on a contact number.

Re: Re: Glen Ballroom

Hi Marion,
just looked at the Bristol Site and saw your reply about the Glenn Ballroom.
Would you be so kind as to pass on the details of the book, I am in Australia but should be able to track it down, either from here or from UK as I have family over there.
Best wishes
Marina Harper

Re: Glen Ballroom

please can anyone let me know what the name of the book is regards to the glen ballroom on the borders of redland and clifton its called "the Glen and I" who publishes it and where can I buy it from ? let me know it regarding the rock and rolls era

Re: Glen Ballroom

In Bristol, 50 years ago there were dance halls all over town and you could dance to live big band music seven nights a week.

The BUPA hospital car park was once a Mecca for dancers on the Downs.

It was called 'The Glen' and admission cost just 1/9 pence.

Rather more upmarket was the Grand Spa Ballroom overlooking the Avon Gorge, now sadly derelict.

In the 1950s Cary Grant and Peter Sellers were seen on the dance floor.

Across town, in Bedminster, the council used to convert its swimming pool into a ballroom in the winter months.

Re: Re: Grand Spa Dance venue Clifton

Check out the Bristol Evening Post website.
click on the Features tab left side of the page.
Now click on Bristol Times link.
Here you will find many personal 1950s/1960s memories with photographs of the Grand Spa Dance venue Clifton.

Re: Glen Ballroom

I remember Clifton's Grand Spa so well. A girlfriend and I used to go there on a Tuesday evening for dancing in the ballroom. I also used to take my mother there. I recall Tony Modham playing the piano in the lounge bar - he would play your favourite piece of music when he saw you coming in. Mine was La Mer.

I was there one evening for a special event in the days when we used to have a Press Ball with a rather nice gentleman and wearing a lovely red evening gown. Unfortunately, because I was looking at another male, my partner got upset. I slapped him in the face and ripped the top layer off my gown. Everyone looked amazed. Then someone took me off to the powder room and repaired my dress with a safety pin.

Looking back they were such happy times.

Re: Glen Ballroom

Anyone remember Teddy White and John Roberts along with vocalists Janie Marden and Sheila Southern Grand Spa 1950's.

Also Bob Parkman (trumpet) Roy Herbert (accordion) Derek Cox (pianist) Norman Cole (bass) and Cliff Townshend (sax) he was the father of the famous Pete Townshend of the rock band 'The Who'

Early in the 1960's, there were a succession of bandleaders who did not last very long, namely Eddie Carroll. It wasn't until the arrival of the fantastic Dennis Mann band, with his wife Shirley Jackson as vocalist, that the fortunes of the ballroom revived.

Re: Glen Ballroom

G'day Marion
I too would like a copy of the Glen Ballroom as i use to go when i was youg - now ilive in Australia it woud sure bring back some lod memories

Re: Glen Ballroom

Hi Marina,

The Glen Ballroom shared the same site as the `Tudor Club` and it was certainly the place to be on Friday nights ! Rock and Roll thrived in such places and yes, you had to be 18 or over to become a member and they issued you with a membership card with your photo on it. No entry but it was a great place to be until the Top Rank opened down in town.
Halcyon days ! My Mum & Dad emigrated to Aus in 1962 but I stayed behind because of the Glen ! Sadly they have gone on now but I visit Aus every year to visit family.

Re: Glen Ballroom

Hi I think I still have a couple of books left in the attic if you need one
My father was brian nourse or also played the drums and was known as brian earl

sorry to say but brian my father passed away 16years ago after a short battle with cancer

Also very sorry for the late reply never seen these posts before