Go Vote! I demand you!

I question. You answer.

Do you know the Maze series?
Yes! I'm an expert.
I know lots since the fansub days.
I'm not sure.....
Not really.
I don't know nothing and/or never heard of it.

What do you think of the series?
I love all of it from its characters to its songs.
I like it like any other anime.
I think the series needed improvement but its ok.
I don't really like it. Too much nonsense to me.
Maze is too unoriginal. Much of it is already done.
No I never liked the series. No wonder why it's unpopular.

Who do you think Mill loves more?
Female Maze obviously
Nah! It's the male Maze. Opposites match!
Both. It doesn't really matter anyway....

What goods do you have about Maze?
All of it. Manga, original novels, anime, drama CDs....
Just anime DVDs and some soundtrack CDs.
Soundtrack CDs.
Just anime DVDs.
mp3 versions of the OP and ED downloaded from the web.
None. I don't own nothing Maze.

Aster and Solude. Together or what?
Impossible. They're just comrades in combat.
Not really. They're just too different.
Solude is a lesbian. Aster is a womanizer. So no.
Hey! You never know. Maybe time will tell........
They have been working for a while so maybe.
Yes they can as long they tolorate their differences.

Have you seen the novels and manga?
Nope. Never.
Not really....
I forgot.
I seen them but I don't remember where....
I know about them. In fact, I seen them.
Yes. I know about them.
I own them all; both the novels and manga.

Mei and Akira. What do you think?
Cute! <3
They're siblings! :D
Disgusting! It's incest! They love each other as LOVERS.
Gender switch is already done. Not original at all.
They're just too generic for my tastes.

What is your favorite Maze song?
Kokuu no Meikyuu (op)
Junk Boy (ed)
Happy Mania (ed)
Exceed! Space-time Adventurer! (OVA ed)
Big Fight! (movie ost)

Do you think Ranchiki is really gay?
He's head over heels for male Maze so yes!
What? Who's gay? I thought that series was only yuri....
No way! I don't think Ranchiki is really THAT gay.
Of course not!

Do you think the movie will ever be released to DVD?
Not really at this time and age.
The series was never popular so there's no demand.
Only time will tell.....
The movie will be released sooner or later.
Yes and remastered to HD quality.

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