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Covid 19

Thank you, Jarkko, for the information which enabled me to buy tickets for Covid Fan Tutte and the Wesendonck recital. Sadly, since I live in France, I was not allowed to visit Finland and profit from my tickets. Of course, I was able to "attend" the Wesendonck concert via streaming and I thank and congratulate Madame Mattila for a glorious performance. Now, thanks to your website, I have bought a ticket for the Christmas concert in the hope that, by then, Finland will allow French residents to visit--or, rather, in the hope that France and the French will have done everything that is necessary to make Finland want to welcome them again!

Re: Covid 19


Thank you very much for your message! Glad to hear my page is still useful :)
Sorry to hear you were not able to attend the opera and concert. I also had to cancel my trips to Rijeka, Brno and Madrid. I know we Finns would be allowed to travel but we would face a 2-week quarantine when coming back home.
Let's hope you will be able to come to Finland in December! The other Christmas concert in Tampere is not yet confirmed but once / if it is, I will update the calendar accordingly.

Stay safe and have a nice week!



Re: Covid 19

"Useful" is totally inappropriate. I check your site every day. I have tickets to both performances in Brno in the hope that the Czech Republic will not turn French residents down. I send all my encouragements to you.