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Re: Karita in Toronto 2018


That sounds great! Wish I could come over too but just can't make it this time. Enjoy it!

Re: Karita in Toronto 2018

I thought I should drop a few lines now that I was able to see Hadrian live in Toronto.

The critics have stated that Hadrian is a much better opera than Rufus Wainwright’s first, Prima Donna. I totally agree. Hadrian is much more complex, both in music and the theme. It has also been said of Hadrian that it seems the more beautiful arias were written for the female singers than the male. Some have even stated that Ambur Braid steals the show, and she was really good as Sabina. So was Isaiah Bell as Antinous. Thomas Hampson as Hadrian was extremely charismatic and his voice clear and powerful. He was the perfect choice, in my totally non-professional opinion.

Now, Karita did a great job, (apparently she was on fire in the latter performances) but in all honesty I have to say her voice was slightly covered by the orchestra in places. What is more, there were a few scenes where she’d stand on stage for what felt like a long period of time although she was not singing. Still, she came off as etherically cold but at the same time keeping her pride as Plotina.

The set and the costumes were stunning. Obviously a lot of money has gone into Hadrian. I hope we will see it in Europe some day.


Re: Karita in Toronto 2018

HI Dianne,

Thanks for your message and comments on the opera! Let's hope it will come to Europe as well!