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Cosi fan tutte

Karita, I discovered that your Cosi fan tutte as Fiordilligi is the best box CD in the world. Of course, everybody has a

different hearing of standard, but I have been listened to music of Mozart almost everyday for last 32 years.

I truly enjoyed every arias with passion. "E nel tuo, nel mio bicchiero" is my most favorite aria that I could feel the

true voice of goddess which sound from another dimension. You set the perfect tones of the "E nel tuo, nel mio

bicchiero" then Thomas Allen, Anne Sofie von Otter and Francisco Araiza were able to perform their best.

The opera composing is the most demanding and difficult genre of the music in my opinion, but Mozart did the best of

the best as you are the best of the best Fordiligi. Once, Tchaikovsky said "the center of Christianity is Jesus and the

center of music must be Mozart and I believe that you are the center of Fiordiligi! I can listen your Cosi fan tutte

to the end of universe. Great job!

Frank Soh

Re: Cosi fan tutte


Thanks for your message! I have forwarded it to Karita Mattila.