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Karita Mattila, March 10, 2016 at Alice Tully Hall

Mattila is a force of nature. In the almost packed Alice Tully Hall, she got a rousing ovation as she walked onto the stage. She was quite moved, and she joyfully said, "New York, I've missed you!"
In the Brahms Zigeunerlieder, her voice sounded more mezzo-soprano than soprano. But she is, after all, a dramatic soprano. The voice was sometime swallowy; but not all the time. Her high notes were glorious. Her voice filled the hall. She's a superb musician and a compelling actress. The combination of all three made her rendition of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder the best I've ever heard. Welcome back, Karita; I've missed you too!! (Another thought: She showed us all that being courageous on-stage and in performance is a very good thing!) And Martin Katz, a good 12 inches shorter than she, was along for the ride as a superb accompanist.