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Last night, I saw a re-broadcast of the Met's "Tosca" with Karita Mattila in the title role.

Frankly, Floria Tosca has always seemed to me a bit of a pain, with her jealous fits, Overblown affection and constant sticky piety, bragging about she always prays to the Virgin, the saints, etc.

I always thought that my old monophonic recording, with Callas and De Sabata conducting, was the best.

However, Mattila blows away the opposition. When she stabs Scarpia at the end of Act 2, you start actually feeling sorry for the guy. And she inserts a bit of humour in Act 3, saying first how she, as an actress, would know how to fall hearing the gunshots, and then demonstrating it.

Sorry if this post is only in English - en puhu paljon suomea.

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Thanks for your comments! I still have not been able to see any broadcast or performance of this Tosca by Karita. Hope to be able to see it next summer in Munich.