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Re: Schedule?

I should be getting this information quite soon, so I will update the calendar accordingly.
She will most probably have performances in Paris, London, Berlin and somewhere in Spain, as far as my memory serves me right.


Re: Re: Schedule?

Thank you. I went to London a few weeks ago to see her in Fidelio. . . . she was SUPERB! But then she always is. . . .


Re: Re: Re: Schedule?

Has Karita Mattila planned a performance in France anytime soon? Thanks for any useful reply.
Warm regards,
Thierry (Marseille)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Schedule?


Yes, she will have a concert next month in Paris. Please check the main page of the webpage for more details (



Re: Re: Re: Re: Schedule?

Yes she will give a recital in Aix-en-Provence on July 22. I have checked and there are still seats available