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Karita Mattila

hi may name is mallory martilla and i am 11 years old. karita is a distant relative of mine and i was trying to find a way to contact her and your site was the best. My great great grandfather came to america from finland a long time ago and my grandfather William Martilla recently found an article in the newspaper about her. He also told me that my great great grandfathers origional last name was mattila before he came to america and when he came here his name was changed to martilla because the people at ellis island did not know how to spell it. I was recently in the play called the Sound of Music in my voice, which i played the role of Elsa. I was thrilled to here that Karita was playing a role with the same name at the Met. I was very disappointed to find out that she was only ging to be at the Met for a few more days and that i would not be able to hear her sing. I was just wondering if there was anyway that she could contact me because i have a passion for singing and now that i know that my beautiful voice, and my sisters came from my grandfathers side of the family i wanted to meet or talk to someone that shared this passion.

my email address is, and my mother is welcoming and monitoring all emails, so feel free to write me thank you

Mallory Martilla