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Re: Who´s better, Karita Or Callas??

Hi there!

Well, what you're asking is a very personal question indeed. I actually got angry about your thoughts.

I'm determined to become an opera singer just like these too divas, and when I've asked my teacher about their carreers and voices etc. she's said to me that when Callas lived opera and singing was more about acting than just plain singing. Now, it's different. People no more appreciate Callas' style of singing like they used to. Today it's more about a great voice combined with an excellent technique plus good stage performence. I was also pretty dumbfounded when my teacher said Callas had a dreary voice and that Mattila's low voices are gruesome.

Re: Re: Who´s better, Karita Or Callas??

Of course I'm a fan to Karita Mattila. Her performance
of Salome is unique and stunning. By the way, I had the opportunity to see Callas in performance here in
Rio de Janeiro, singing Tosca,back in 1951 . The same year that started the rivalry between Callas and Tebaldi, whom I was deeply applauding.
I saw her singing in many performances. At the actual
age of Mrs. Mattila, Maria Callas was done for.
We are living a new era in operatic performances. So it's out of question any comparison between the 20th
century performances and the brilliant artists of
to day.
Long live Karita, Dessay, Netrebko, Fleming !
Med varma halsningar fram Rio de Janeiro.

Re: Who´s better, Karita Or Callas??

A coincidence - I saw the Met's televised "Tosca", with Matila and a rather loud Alvarez last night, while remembering a recent hearing of the monophonic recording with Callas and De Sabata conducting. For my comment, see my "Tosca" posting.