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Ear [Earualias]- ear infection, [Upeedes, Eupides]-ear infection and deafness, [ Lebio, Livio]-power which controls inner ear causing hearing of voices
Eastern Star [Cults, Witchcraft]- by laws are the same as Wizard, Witch and Warlock Installation, with the exception of one page which changes Satan name to God’s name]
Eating Disorder [Compulsive Gluttony]- excessive eating, overeating, pig out, eat like a horse [Anorexia nervosa]- severe self-imposed diet, refuse to eat, distorted body image: thinking fat when very thin, low self-esteem, excessive exercise, [Bulimia nervosa]- binge eating and purging (forced vomiting or abuse of laxatives and diuretics) triggered by emotional upset, not hunger, very dry skin and brittle hair, depression and mood swings, swollen glands under jaw from vomiting, great secrecy to avoid discovery of abnormal eating behavior
Ego [Mind Idolatry, Pride, Perfection, Competition, Schizophrenic]
Electricity, Electronics [Boice, Boyce]- causes electrical interference, causes malfunctions in Electrical equipment and electronics, electrical accidents
Embarrassment [Guilt, Condemnation, Shame, Low-Self Esteem, Feelings of being Inferior, Low Class, Bottom of the Barrel, Always Last Place]
Emotions [Repanel]- Controller of emotions [Volaire, Voltar]- prince of emotional problems, attention getting game playing, [Collodus, Stocism,] no feelings, [Contressie]-“flip” Flippancy of emotions, causes mood swings, [Tiu- Flirtation], [Seduction]-causes changes in personality, [Pardylis]-: a prince over emotions, drains energy
Energy [ Mountalukias]- a controller over all energy forces, [Raopunzale]-a controller of Lunar Energy, [Andromonia]-controls tides and affects seasons, Marcolukias]- controlls Magnetic Energy, Neutrinal Energy: [Pradylis]- a prince controlling neutrinal energy from the center of the earth, promotes excess weariness, fatal loneliness, emotional pain, oppression, Pyramid Energy, [Sarpolukias]- radiational Energy, [Arcolias, Arkilios]-a ruler of radiation
Envy [Jealousy, Paranoia, Schizophrenic]
Epilepsy [Critizan, Setsizon]- causes convulsions and seizures
Escape [Stoicism, Passivity, Sleepiness, Alcohol, Drugs, Indifference]
E.S.P. Extrasensory Perception [Occult]
Exhaustion [Pradylis]- a prince that drains energy, [Depression], [Vermo, Vormo]-excessive tiredness, excessive fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome
Eye [Asmodes]- eye trouble, [Malcardioni]-eyes and vision; causes people to stare at the sun
Eye, Evil [Witchcraft]
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False Beliefs [Paranoia]-causes false mental and spiritual beliefs about others or oneself [Schizophrenic]
False Burden [Lying, Deception, False Responsibility, False Compassion]
False Gifts [Beelzebub]- Lord of the Flies, works in area of false gifts, false healings, false prophecy, false tongues, etc., [Orion]- first lieutenant of Lucifer who enters with any compromise of the Word of God; controls counterfeit gifts, false peace, false piety, Prince Charming: a host of intellectual and philosophical spirits [Religious Spirits]- false gifts to give a sense of spirituality (Attacks ministers, especially those in deliverance ministries) Uses [Pride]- to restrict the ministry to specific area or to certain people. Use [Pressure Tactics]- to lead to radical changes or abandonment of true deliverance, [Jezebel]- Controlling spirits of Manipulation and Fear Tactics Disrespect Authority; False Gifts]
False Healing [False Gifts]
Falsehoods [Lying, Fear, Dread]
False Light Lucifer, Satan]
False Love [Rosemary]-a supernatural sex desire; false love under [Witchcraft], [Rozare]-false love which cause people who are not in love to marry, [Dianna, Venus]-supernatural sex desires which cannot be satisfied, [Witchcraft, Sexual False Love]
False Peace [False Gifts]
False Piety [False Gifts]
False Prophecy [False Gifts]
False Religions [False Religion, Idolatry]
False Responsibility [False Burdens, Schizophrenic]
Familiar Spirits -resembles family, friends or associates you know, [Sephius]-a first generation ruler or controller, [Cameon]-a second or third generation ruler or controller, [Sibyl]- a fourth generation ruler or controller
Family Order [Jezebel]-destroys husband’s position as head of household, Destroys the family priesthood Use of fear tactics, intimidation, rage, withholding due benevolence, belittling, loudness, rudeness, and spiritual abuse to maintain control
Fantasy [Withdrawal, Lust, Sexual Impurity, Schizophrenic]- feeds on satanic animation, Sci-Fi Fatigue [Tiredness, Weariness, Sloth, Exhaustion, Laziness]
Fatness [ Acrolias], Radiational Energy, Sodom and Gomorrah, Compulsion]
Fault Finding [Accusation]
Fears [Apollyon]-the destroyer, the angel of the bottomless pit (Revelations 9:11),