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1. Aback [Confusion spirit]- cause to startle, surprise, scare as a prank

2. Abandon [Forsake spirit]- cause to desert, to leave behind, to give up, renounce or turn away from

3. Abase [Cast Down spirit]- low in rank, low in position; cause of inferiority complex

4. Abduction [Kidnap spirit] - causes one to be carried away wrongfully by force

5. Aberrant [Wandering spirit, Vagabond] -straying away from the right course

6. Abhor [Hate spirit]-strongly dislike; sow discord

7. Abject [Low State of Mind]- to think or sink very low

8. Abnormal [Not Normal spirit, Retarded spirit]- below standard

9. Abolish [Destroy spirit]- to do away with, put to an end

10. Abort [Termination spirit, Killer of Dreams]- to end before time; end before maturity or due season

11. Abortion [Termination] to induce termination of pregnancy before the fetus can survive

12. Abscess [Infected Sore], contains pus

13. Absalom [Deception]- Pride, Vanity, Rebellion, Seduction, Treachery, Lying, Fear of Authority, Disrespect for Authority

14. Absent minded [Forgetful spirit]-forgetting things, not paying attention, confused

15. Abstruse [Difficult to Understand, Knowledge Block spirit]

16. Absurd [Unreasonable spirit]- senseless

17. Abuse [Misuse spirit, Family Curse]-cause of injury, loss, ill-treatment, harm

18. Acceleration [Develop Fast, Speed Demon]-to go or grow more normal

19. Accident [Unfortunate Happening]-cause injury, harm, damage, destruction or loss, even death

20. Accomplice [Partner in Crime]-a companion in wrongdoing, an evil doer

21. Accusation [Ashtaroth]-fertility goddess; [Fault Finding], slander, criticism

22. Accuser of the Brethren [Satan]

23. Addictive [Compulsive]- dependence, habit for drugs, alcohol, food, sex, medication, caffeine, nicotine

24. Adrift [Just Floating] -having no purpose, without guidance; [Vagabond, Poverty]

25. Adultery [Sexual Impurity]-intercourse, sex with someone other than a spouse

26. Affectation [Play-Acting, Fake Personality, False Appearance], not real in motives, [Waste Time], drains one’s anointing, [Possessive, Control Freak], [Attention Getting, Emotional problems, Excessive Talker, Busy Body, Competition, Self-Pity, Insecurity, High Minded, Con Artist, Schizophrenia]

27. Agitation [Impatience]- pacing, restless, [Rudeness, Frustration]

28. Alcoholism [Alvaizeitan] - Alcohol, Wine, Drinking, Strong Drink, Deception, Rage, Generational Curse, Murder] (to be broken off Family Blood Line)

29. Allergies [Meriham, Hay Fever]-sore throat, asthma, controlling spirits of females, excess mucus, tearing eyes, cold symptoms, lung problems

30. Amulets - having to do with [Witchcraft], Occult]

31. Anger [Rage, Bitterness, Perfection, Out of Control, Temper Tantrum]

32. Animals [Inordinate Affection for animals, Insecurity], humans having sex with animals

33. An-ti Christ [Tushon]- fights against the Lord Jesus Christ; Always accompanied by [Power and Strength] (1 John 2:18,22; 4:3; John 7) [Rebel, Jezebel, Schizophrenia, Hate the Lord Jesus Christ]

34. Anti-Submissive [Refuse to Submit to Authority, Rebellion, Jezebel]

35. Anxiety - apprehension, [Fear, Uneasy Mind, Distress]

36. Argument - strife, [Pride, Contention, Debate, Manipulation, Selfish]

37. Arrogance [Pride], Overbearing, Offensive]

38. Arthritis [Bitterness] -painful inflamed joints [Un-forgiveness, Root of Bitterness, Hate, Murmur]

39. Asthma [Meriham: Hay Fever]- sore throat, all kinds of allergies and related symptoms

40. Astral Projection [Pyrox]- able to project 16 minds into one, [Verno]- Mind Control spirit

41. Astrology - twelve signs [Divination, Witchcraft, Occult, Horoscope]

42. Athletes Foot -foot pain, unusual ongoing infection of the feet [Pintolias]-left foot, [Pontolias]: right foot, [Ringworm]

43. Attention Getting [Volaire]- play acting, [Emotional Problems, Possessive, Game Playing, Affection, Messing with the Mind, Confusion, Mixed Signals, Schizophrenic]

44. Automobile Hex [Clarparkate]- fear of auto accidents], [Clarex]- hex or curse on driver to cause them to run off the road, collision, [Fear of Driving]

45. Awkward [Clumsy]-not graceful, [Stumble, Trip-Up, Falling, Self-Injury]

46. AWOL [Disrespect Authority]- absence from duty without permission

47. Axiom [Assumption]-something assumed to be true without proof

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1. Back [****on, Shyton]- a serpent and prince, causes back pain, pain in spine, deteriorating disc

2. Backbiting [Cursing, Gossip, Slander, Telling Untruths, Rumors]

3. Barrenness [Hormone Imbalance, Hate Children,