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Demon HitList part 1

Demon Hit List (Are You on It?)

Section 1

The information in this book of demons hit list includes the names of demon spirits, groupings, mode of operation, and how you as a believer can cast them out and overcome them using the name of Jesus, were derived from various sources: The King James Bible; Personal notes from Apostle Jonas Clark, Personal notes from the late Lester Summerall; Books by (Win Worley: Demolishing the Hosts of Hell, pp. 21, 39; Annihilating the Hosts of Hell, Book 1, pp. 25, 109; Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, pp. 113-115, 126, 127; Spiritual Warfare by Jeanne K. Lee, pp. 105, 109, 117); Webster’s Universal College Dictionary; My own personal experience with demons for over forty years; several ministries growing up, observing others, Journal entries of my youth, memories, dreams, visions, assisting in deliverance and mostly Revelations given me by the Holy Ghost and Fire (Holy Spirit).
It is important for you to know that each demon has a name, but you do not have to know each name to cast it out. Whatever crisis, circumstance, situation, problem or demonic activity present is usually the description and exposure of the demon(s), and enough to cast it out! Example: a person full of lust has a demon spirit of Lust operating; a person who loves to argue and sow discord (gets pleasure and enjoyment) may have a combination of demon spirits of Strife, Pride, Discord, Argument, Perfection, Insecurity, etc. in operation; a person who is often confused may have demon spirits of Forgetfulness, Indecision, Knowledge Block or Frustration in operation.

For so many years I was in the dark, “spooked,” even to talk about or deal with the topic, much less the proper names and casting out, of demons. However, God’s Word says that we, believers, are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). We have been given Power over all the power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19b and the Authority to cast out devils in the name of Jesus Christ (The Anointed One and His Anointing), according to Mark 16:17.

May this book become a reference manual for you or anyone in deliverance ministry or seeking help. Any one who works in the area of deliverance should have knowledge of how demons operate. Knowing that demons operate in groups (each having a ruler or controller in charge), will help explain why someone may keep coming back in the prayer line on a weekly basis or on a nightly basis (during revival). All the demons were not cast out! You have to cast (command to leave) or drive out demons. Always be led by the Holy Ghost and Fire (Holy Spirit) when in an active deliverance ministry. The Holy Ghost is the One who causes demons to flee; to be cast out, and to leave in terror! Ha!

It is quite easy to detect when a demon is in operation. They often “show out” or “distract” from the Word of God, normal flow or move of God. Demons often times cause a major scene, distraction, upsets in the midst of God’s promoting, sending out, blessing, or making changes in the Body of Christ. They may not actually possess a believer in each and every area of life, but certainly, demons can harass, torment, taunt, oppress, cause fear, and influence the mind (the thoughts, will, emotions, and personality) of a believer or any person. Demons are real and we can no longer afford to just ignore or wish them away. Too many lives are at stake and to many lies have been told. Apply the truth of God’s Word and salvation and deliverance work well together! Really well!

There must be a distinction between the person (who is to be loved and ministered to), and the demons (who are to be cast out). Far too long have our Christian brothers and sisters been blamed and punished, when they simply needed deliverance. Many are also outcasts and easy prey for the devil to kill, steal and destroy. The Church has allowed the kingdom of darkness to advance and gain the advantage over many lives. It is now time to step up to the challenge of what our Lord God has already done for us. We have Authority, in the name of Jesus. Let us do something about this particular hit list and help rescue precious lives from demons.



My first encounter with the devil, demons and evil spirits came at age four. Throughout my life I can now recall many multitudes of events that were masterminded by demons. At an early age, I began to actually see with my bare eyes demonic activity in my own bedroom. It did not scare me, at first, but as time progressed things got real “freaky” in the home where I grew up. People often times linked what is now known to be witchcraft with being “spiritual”, and also, as being ordained of Almighty God. Witchcraft is not of God. And broadcasting it on TV and radio or the newspaper or even

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Demons and Hickies

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demons and hickies.

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