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Hello... my name is Albert Diaz, i was taking a look at my Email and saw ur website and desided to take a look.. and when i opened the page i was really amaised at what i was seeing.. u see i was a rapper for the world.. u can say i use to rap for the devil.. i was pretty known in this rap style we will call southern california chicano gangster rap.
i went through some things and desided that there was no way out of all the stuff i was going though but Jesus.. i knew that jesus christ was the only way out and his blood was shed for me... when i got saved, i give up everything.. drugs, woman, alcohol, partys, and worldly music.. that was the end of my music career. all for Jesus.. and myself tho if i was to stay in that life style i would have fallin.. but about 4 years later my Brother (blood brother) came up to me and said hey bro.. how would u like to make a song with me and the youth pastor from my church.. i said naw.. it cool bro.. but then i thought about it for a couple days and told myself..HEY if i use to live the way i use to live 4 yrs ago can make music for the world, then the way i live right now (FOR JESUS) can make music for his Glory.. so 3 weeks later we made a song called testimonys here is an attachment of this MP3 file

the innercore is my Brother, the 1st verse is me, the 2nd is my brother, the 3rd is the youth pastor... ENJOY.. and God Bless

if the music file didnt attach email me.. ok


wat it is bro?

church you attend PC Hacienda Heights