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Re: Indigenous Prophecy

yeah i read alittle what you sent me on indigenous prophecy ,speaking off life and my experience ,i just had a man prophesy over me about a week ago ,and it was real,i mean real ,see theres a difference between a real prophet and one who just seeks manly worship,we must put them to the test,speaking on culture beliefs and religion is of the satanic orgin and has no real meaning but has its roots in occult practices and wicca.nature and laws of nature are also pratices of witchcraft and idol worship like botinca or terra cards,nostrodus and jean dickson made over 6000 false predictions due to a black magic or satanic orgin ,manfested in there predictions, smith wigglesworth was a man of prophecy ,was said to raise people from the dead who credits has powers to god and the holy spirit fact we are all aliens on this earth ,waiting to return home .there is no race dominate over another because that would only prove
demonism rather than unity. FAITH HOPE AND LOVE is the beginning of all knowlegde ,satan has a strong hold on this generation and he'll use any thing to make us believe in anything rather that the true word of GOD The Bible. "