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do you feel empty,sad,confused,tired of being tired,having all you ever wanted in life but still feel as if your walking through life numb ,well the answer for you is JESUS through God the bible states all things are possible,rather its anger problems,money problems,marriage problems,gangs,mental,sex,drugs,abbuse,drinking,rage or even if your living a good american dream thats,"the man with the most toys STILL dies" romans 10:9 says you must believe,the bibles says,faith without works is dead,that means we must be more than believers do more than just believe,find yourself a good local christain church,get plugged in and see God move in your life .think about it now ,do it today,

church you attend New Harvest San Perdo

Re: deliverance

good points...i know alot of christians who are still carnal or not set free,