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Lost bag in Pittsfield, VT

There is a bag that one of your members may have lost in Pittsfield. Not sure how to locate the person, but we found one of your club shirts in the bag. If anyone knows of anyone who lost the bag or the person sees this, please contact me at


Re: Lost bag in Pittsfield, VT

Hello Matt....I can not believe you found my husband's lost bag and here we are in June and we just heard of it!! So glad we had a club shirt in the bag!! We had trailered to the Clear and had a fantastic ride that day and it wasn't until we got home and unloaded that we realized the bag was missing...he had left it on the back of the trailer!! We had gone back to the Clear the following day but no one there had seen it...Thanks for searching for us you really made our day!! Give a call 518-499-2826