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Trail Conditions

Time is short, is the riding good, trails open, how much snow did you get? Want to ride those trails!

Re: Trail Conditions

We ended up with over 2' of new snow from Sunday/Monday storm then received another 4 to 6 wet-slushy inches yesterday. Snow cover not a problem with about 3'on the ground. Watch wash outs and small brooks and streams! Mill Brook in the area of Pulpit Point Road may flood the bridge if things get too warm and runoff picks up. Think long and hard about crossing lakes and ponds as you may be mired in slush.

Re: Trail Conditions

All the trails are still open with brooks starting to open up use caution when crossing brooks and ponds travel at your own risk spring riding get it while you can won"t last forever.

Re: Trail Conditions

Things tightend up the last couple of nights with the below freezing temps which has reduced the runoff. Took a quick spin last night...things are in pretty good shape with plenty of snow cover. Just watch for holes in the snow at wet spots... Should be nice spring riding the next couple of days.

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