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Club Ride

To all club members there will be a club ride saturday Feb. 12th from the putnam fire house meeting at 9:oo am all are welcome.When we return in the afternoon we will have chile and hot dogs at Jim Forbes garage just south of gullbay road please bring your own drinks.Hope to see you all their sorry for such short notice.The trails have all been groomed this week and are in exellent shape ride safe.

Re: Club Ride

The trails surely look impressive. Its a bit weird to see the area getting ride reports on, but they were excellent reports.
Here is a link to the post on trail conditions with pictures:

I have a question. If the ice was safe enough to cross the lake where NWCTB trails ends near Gull Bay can you access the Hague trails from the lake?

Lastly, I have a group from Huletts interested in helping maintain the Old North Rd from the top down to Bluff Head Rd if it can be added to the clubs groomed trails.

Re: Club Ride

Gavin as to the Hague trails axcess i have rode from brant lake to Hague and came out by the Hague town offices near the fire house resturant then went down the side walk to the Hague beach.There was also a trail that got off at rogers rock camp site to axcess their trail system.I will check with their club pres. to see if it is still open.They have a club web site at Lastly as to the trail down to bluff head i have riden this last year but it needed some work maybe we can look at this in the summer time to better estimate how much it would take to open up.Have to check with town or land owners to see who ownes the right of way on thah trail.

Re: Club Ride

Randy, thanks for the information on possible lake access in Hague. I also see a connection from Newcomb to North Hudson might be created which would help create an nice big loop from Huletts. Lets stay in touch about the Old North Rd. I can be reached at Please give me your contact information and we can catch up over the next couple months.