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S49 Shelving Rock Rd to Fishbrook Pond

I tried to reply to Randy's "Trail Conditions" thread but couldn't figure out how nor could I figure out how to sign in so I'll post this as a new thread.

On Sunday Mr Wrenchy and I unloaded at Shelving Rock Road and headed up S49. Banged off a few rocks in all the usual places and had to hop over a couple small trees that now are no more than small bumps in the trail. We made it as far as Fishbrook Pond and kept getting stuck on the rocks and ice going up the hill and turned around at the junction for Greenland Pond. We off-tracked as much as we could packing the trail two sleds wide where we could. Now that its frozen it should be in pretty good shape but needs a groomer to pack it down better.

Re: S49 Shelving Rock Rd to Fishbrook Pond

Thanks for the info.At least we know when we get to fish brook the hard work will be over.We are going to try to get threw later this week or at the latest on saturday.1/29 Then it will take a few trips with the drag to smooth things out.Hope to see you on the trails,ride safe.

Re: S49 Shelving Rock Rd to Fishbrook Pond

If you're going to do it during the week let me know and I'll join you at Pike Brook crossing.

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