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Northwood/Potter Street School

Northwood?, Potter Street? - more like Fenn Street....log in and see if Duffy is still a pupil, having been kept down a year (or more).

Northwood/Potter Street School
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Re: Reunion for 1981-1986

Hi, which Nikki is this? Chettleburgh? This is Budd. Remember me? I'm in the USA (have been here for 10 years now!), married with a 5 year old son, one dog and two horses that I'm boarding for someone! I left in 1984 because family moved to Wiveliscombe, near Taunton.

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Trying to organise a school re-union for beginners at 81, leaving in 86. If you know of any Potties of that time, please give info of website and pass on details. Also, if anyone knows if Potter Street is online - can i have the address. Hoping to hold the "party" at the school with ex teachers too. Mr O'Brien, Mr Edwards, Mr Chapman, are you still with us ???