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Northwood/Potter Street School

Northwood?, Potter Street? - more like Fenn Street....log in and see if Duffy is still a pupil, having been kept down a year (or more).

Forum: Northwood/Potter Street School
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Graduated 5th year in1984!

Hello, is anyone out there that finished their 5th year in 1984? I have changed my name (twice!) and am now living in Michigan, USA. I am now Helen Vary, nee Budd. I was usually to be found, with my flute, in Mr. Stewart's Music Room, along with Nicola Chettleburgh, Elizabeth Hughes, Elizabeth Thomas, and Menna Hornung (and others, of course). Please reply if you remember me.

Re: Graduated 5th year in1984! - by Andrew Hornung - Oct 13, 2002 10:32am
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